Zachary Frone


Zachary Frone has a bachelors of science in geology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and is currently a masterís student in SMUís geothermal lab.

He was attracted to SMU for several reasons, the biggest being the reputation that Dr. Blackwell and the lab have in the geothermal community and the opportunities and connections that are open to you when working with someone with his experience.  

He is interested in focusing his research on the development of EGS and its potential in the Eastern US.  If geothermal is going to make the next step to provide clean energy for the US, EGS is going to be the key to making it happen.

He is also interested in the potential for small scale geothermal power applications in developing areas of the world and the benefits that even a small amount of energy could bring to these places.