Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil & Gas Development

2006 - 2011 Conference Presentations



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Ric Abel

Prudential Capital Group

Geothermal Financing (.015 MB)


George Alcorn

Universal GeoPower, LLC

 Case Study:  Developing a Geothermal Project using Abandoned Wells in Texas (.03 MB)


Bob Antaya

Dry Coolers, Inc.

Emerging Technologies Forum (1.89 MB)


Robert Banack

Dundee Securities


Financing a Geothermal Development Project


Geothermal Development and Project Financing (1MB)


Peter Barnett

 Hot Rocks Limited

A Review of Current Geothermal Development Activities in the Otway Sedimentary Basin, Victoria, Australia  (3MB)  [Abstract]


Dick Benoit

Sustainable Solutions

Scaling and Corrosion Abatement  (659 KB)



David Blackwell

SMU Department of Geological Sciences


Scaling up Geothermal Energy- Opportunities & Road Blocks (4.1 MB)


Introductory Talk (2.6MB)

Assessment of the Enhanced Geothermal System Resource Base of the United States (1 MB)


Geothermal Resources in Sedimentary Basins       (3 MB)  [Abstract]


Ron Bolen

Howard Frazier Barker Elliott, Inc.

A New Angle for Raising Capital for Geothermal Projects (.018 MB)


Peter Boone

GLO Texas General Land Office

Leasing State-Owned Mineral Estate


Daniel Bour

AltaRock Energy, Inc.

Multiple Zone Stimulation of EGS Wells - Key to Reservoir Optimization (1.68 MB)


Richard Campbell

TIC- The Industrial Company

Results of the Demonstration Power Plant on the Pleasant Bayou Geopressured Resource  (2 MB)



Louis Capuano

ThermaSource Inc.


Developing the Oil and Gas Fields of Canada (1.19 MB)


A Geothermal and Oil & Gas Drilling Comparison



Michael Cozzi

Cirro Energy Services, Inc.


Marketing Geothermal Generated Power in The Texas Deregulated Retail Electric Market


Important Factors, ERCOT Market Participants(0.5MB)


Prentice Creel, PE



 The Capitan Aquifer - Ellenburger Production Wells - Geothermal Engine Source? (1.8 MB)


Geothermal Prospects Well Investigations and Considerations: Long Term Well Integrity (2 MB)

Extended Abstract (5 MB)


Geothermal Prospects - Well Integrity Considerations  (2.5 MB)   [Abstract]


Bruce Cutright

UT Austin Bureau of Economic Geology


 The Transformation of Tight Shale Gas Reservoirs to Geothermal Energy Production (9.80 MB)


Texas Geothermal Projects and Resources (1.1 MB)


Halley Dickey

Turbine Air Systems, Ltd.


Keeping it Simple: Developing Economically Viable Projects (1.48 MB)

Power Economic Estimator (Excel 2010)


Emerging Technologies Forum

(.08 MB) [Abstract]


Marlan Downey

Past President of Pecten (Shell) Intl., Arco Intl. and  AAPG

Developing Geothermal Energy from Oil and Gas Wells: The Oilfield Perspective



Paul Dunn

Gas Equipment Engineering Corporation


Baseline System Costs for 50.0 MW Enhanced Geothermal System (1.46 MB)


CO2 Generation for EOR and EGS (.066 MB)



Richard Erdlac

Enery America Geothermal


A Systematic Approach to Geothermal Power Classification (3.28MB)

[Abstract] (1.12MB)


State Policy Recommendations for Geopowering Texas (1.3MB)

Ongoing Research Assessment of Geothermal Energy from Sedimentary Basins in Texas (2MB)

Assessment of Geothermal Energy Resources: Permian Basin (link)


Texas Geothermal Energy: A Focus on Permian Basin and Trans-Pecos Regions  (6 MB)


Constraints and Best Use Practices: The Importance of Texas Geothermal Electrical Energy Production  (2 MB)



Don Erickson

Energy Concepts

Power Cycles for Low Temp. Geothermal Heat      (1 MB)   [Abstract]


Ed Fichtel

UTC Power

Technology for the Future of Geothermal Development (1MB)

Video Clip: Geothermal Plant (.wmv file 8 MB)


  John Fox

Electratherm, Inc.

Generating Renewable Energy from Co-Produced Water at Oil & Gas Wells - A Case Study

(3.65 MB)


Sabodh Garg

Science Applications International

Geopressured Geothermal Well Tests (0.6MB)


Martin Gibson

Patton Boggs, LLP

Geothermal Leases and the Regulatory Environment


Will Gosnold

UND, Petroleum Research, Education, & Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence


North Dakota Geothermal Projects (6.84 MB)


Refining Estimates of Geothermal Power in Sedimentary Basins (14.5MB) [Abstract]


A Remarkable Effort to Test the Concept of Electrical Power Generation from Co-Produced Oil Field Geothermal Waters  (2 MB)     [Abstract]


Geothermal Prospects in the North Central United States  (3 MB)     [Abstract]


Brian Hageman

Deluge Inc


Deluge 250 kW Low - Temperature Electric Generator (1.4 MB)

The Natural Energy Engine Technology (0.7MB)


NBC News Appearance, Wyoming Video Clip


Lance Hays

Energent Corporation

Optimizing Separation and Power Generation from Two- and Three-Phase Well Flows  (2 MB)



Rafael Hernandez


Emerging Technologies Forum (1.35 MB)



Roger Hill

Sandia National Lab


Fitting the Small Scale Geothermal Power Plants into the Grand Scheme (1MB)


The Role of Geothermal in the Western Utility Portfolio  (773 KB)  [Abstract]


Elias Hinckley

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Methods to Improve Geothermal Project Development &Carbon and Renewable Tax Credits


Roland Horne

 Stanford University

 Downhole Enthalpy Measurement in Geothermal Wells with Fiber Optics (329KB)

Video Clip: experiment apparatus (.mpg 5 MB)

Video Clip: experiment steam (.mpg 1 MB)


Robert Hunt

Linear Power Technology


High Carnot Efficiency, Ultra - Low - Temps... the Geothermal Power Cycle (1MB)  [Abstract]


Pressurized Natural Gas Wells (0.7MB)

The Kinetic Energy Potential of Pressurized Gas Wells (0.5MB)

Propane Well Injection Video Clip (1MB .wmv)

Linear Alternator Test (1 MB .wmv)


Doug Johnson

Railroad Commission of Texas

Regulations Applicable to the Development of Geothermal Resources in Texas 



Lyle Johnson

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center


Coproduced and Low Temperature Geothermal Resources as Electrical Power Production (1 MB)  


Testing of ORMAT Technology's Low-Temperature Geothermal Application (1.87 MB) [Abstract]


Produced Water from NPR-3 Oil & Gas Wells for Low-Temperature Geothermal Application (2.8MB)   [Abstract]


Ray Kaczorowski

International Paper - Mineral Resources

Developing Geopressured Geothermal Resources Gulf Coast Region (3.6MB)


Mark Kapner

Austin Energy

Austin Energy’s GreenChoice Program



Bernie Karl

Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska


Sustainable is Attainable (2.07 MB)


From Alaska to Reno to Florida - Finding the Heat for Community Development (10.5 MB)


From Alaska to Florida - Finding the Heat for Community Development (3MB)


From Hot Water to Hydrogen: Bringing Geothermal Power to AK  (4 MB)



Geothermal Electrical Applications in Alaska  (4 MB)



Martin Kay

MLKay Technologies, LLC

Solving the Geothermal Data Puzzle  (2.02 MB)


Richard Langson

Langson Energy

Gas Pressure to Green Power (2.43 MB)


Raymond LaSala

U.S. DOE, Geothermal Technologies Program

DoE Geothermal Focus  (1 MB)  [Abstract]


Patrick Ledru

BRGM - Research Division - France

European EGS Development - The ENGINE Project  (3.4MB)


Mark Leidig

Weston Geophysical Corp.

Induced Seismicity: Can it be good for your field?

(1 MB)


Guy Letendre

Lava Energy Systems Inc.

Emerging Technolgoies Forum (.047 MB)


Charles Levey

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems

Electric Power Industry Trends and the Role of Renewable Energy (1.38 MB)


Victor Liu

Hunt Energy Enterprises

New Energy Enterprises and Connecting them to the Grid    [Abstract]


Hal Macartney

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.

A Raton Basin Geothermal Prospect (3.51 MB)


Shannon McCall

Telios Corporation - MEP Engineering

New Perspectives on Geothermal Development (.05 MB)


Jason McKenna

Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Geothermal Potential in Military Facilities (4 MB)    [Abstract]


Howard McLaughlin

Tristream Resources

Geothermal Energy in Australia (1.93 MB)


Mario Messina

 Messina Chemicals Inc.

 Energy 2050 (16.1MB)



Mark Milliken

Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center

Tea Pot Dome Case Study, Wyoming  (11 MB)



Greg Mines

Idaho National Laboratory

Contributors to the Cost of Geothermal Power Production  (3.5MB)



Michael Ming

Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)

How can RPSEA assist in Project Development (1.55MB)


Paul Morgan

Colorado Geologic Survey

Geothermal Resources in Colorado's Oil and Gas Basins (7.52) [Abstract]


Kevin Myers

GE Global Research

High-Potential Working Fluids for Next-Generation Binary ORC for EGS: Supercritical ORC (736 KB)


Seiichi Nagihara

Dept. of Geosciences, Texas Tech University


A Borehole Geothermal Database for the US Exclusive Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico (3.83 MB)


Temperature Distribution within Deep Sediments of the Texas-Louisiana Continental Shelf (poster) (1.6MB)     [Abstract]


George Nitschke

Good Earth Mechanics

Converting Geopressured Reservoirs into Renewable Energy Systems (1.2 MB)


Ben Norden

GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany

EGS in the Permian of the North German Basin, Europe: A borehole doublet utilizing a former HC exploration well (3.5MB)


Randy Normann

 Perma Tools

 What makes a tool fail? (1.06MB)


Bill Olson

 ElectraTherm, Inc.

 Commercialization of Distributed Technology (1.3MB)


Susan Petty

AltaRock Energy Inc.


Engineering Geothermal Systems in Oil & Gas Reservoirs (2MB)


Enhanced Geothermal Systems 2006 Resource Evaluation  (1 MB) [Abstract]

Geothermal Power Generation Potential - Poplar Dome, MT  (1 MB)   [Abstract]


 Karsten Pruess

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

 Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS): Comparing Water and CO2 as Heat Transmission Fluids (1 MB)



Tim Reinhardt

DOE Geothermal Technologies Program

Geothermal Technologies Program 2011 (1.70 MB)


Joel Renner

Idaho National Laboratory

Pleasant Bayou, TX  Geopressured-Geothermal Reservoir  (2.5 MB)  [Abstract]


Michael Ronzello

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems

Installation of PureCycle Projects...Geothermal Success (2.35 MB)


Ben Russo

Cleco Utilities

Why a Utility will Develop Geothermal Energy in Western Louisiana (511KB)

Video Clip: Time-lapse Construction (.wmv file 9 MB)


Jason Ryan

RyanGlover L.L.P.

Getting to the Core Rules and Regulations of Geothermal Development (500KB)


Tim Ryan


Emerging Technologies Forum


 Paul Sandwell

 Frontier Energy Services

 Texas Railroad Commission Databases - Demystified


Subir Sanyal

GeothermEX Inc.


Geothermal Power Production from Gas Wells in Texas and Louisiana (.05 MB)


Assessing Geothermal Power Capacity of Petroleum Wells (0.4MB)



Mike Shook


Heat Extraction from Boreholes    [Abstract]


Russel Smith

Texas Renewable Energy Industry Association

The Texas Renewable Industry [Abstract]


Tim Smith

Elements Market


Geothermal Energy Utilization of Renewable Energy Credit Markets and Tax Credits



Overview of Renewable Energy Credit Markets 



Loy Sneary

Gulf Coast Green Energy

 Commercialization of ElectraTherm Inc. Technology- Project Development in Mississippi with Denbury Resources (1.84 MB)


Katie Stepp

Deans & Lyons, LLP

Geothermal Trespass and the Rule of Capture (.058 MB)


Patrick Stepp

SMU Geothermal Lab

Overview of Gulf Coast Geopressure Settings (poster) (3.6MB)


Jody Stonecipher

Tranter, Inc.

Emerging Technologies Forum (.087 MB)


Suri Suryanarayana

Blade Energy Partners

Annular Circulation Co-Production System as an Alternative Design for Optimization of Total Energy Recovery from Oil and Gas Wells (366 KB)


Dub Taylor

State Energy Conservation Office (SECO)

Texas Renewable Program and Technology Demonstration  (1 MB)



Mark Taylor

New Energy Finance

Rocks to Riches: Global Geothermal Development



Jeff Tester

Cornell University

The Future of Geothermal:Studying its Potential to be a Major Provider of US Electric Power (4.5MB)


Paul Thomsen

ORMAT Technologies Inc.


Improvements in Modular Technology (8 MB)

January 2007 Texas Leases Update (4 MB)


New Technologies for Modular Geothermal Power Plants in Oil & Gas Settings  (2 MB)   [Abstract]


Galen Treadgold

Weinman Geoscience

Azimutha Processing for Fracture Prediction and Image Improvement (35.8MB)

Video Clip: moving graphic (.avi file 36.8MB)



Susanne Vaughan

Austin Energy

Texas Generation Development Paralysis


Martin Vorum, PE

National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)

Modeling Performance and Economics from Coproduced Geothermal Fluids (1 MB)    [Abstract]


Ed Wall

DOE Geothermal Technologies Program

Geothermal Projects (1.33 MB)


Kevin Wallace

Power Engineers, Inc.

Dinosaur and Ant are Friends! - O&G and Geothermal Can Join Forces (808 KB)


Bob Wright

Baker Botts L.L.P.

Geothermal Property Rights: Maximizing Successful Site Control (790 KB)


Doone Wyborn

Geodynamics - Australia

Large-scale Unconventional Geothermal Development in an Unconventional Site in Australia (10.8MB)



John Ziagos

Atmosphere, Earth and Energy Department Directorate, Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.


Visualizing Future Exergy Flows  (3 MB)


The Role of Geothermal Energy in Energy Planning   (2 MB)     [Abstract]


2011 Finance Panel

Audio of 2011 Finance Panel (.wav file)


Steve Erdahl

GreenTech Renewables LLC

Financial Analysis of Geothermal Hydrocarbon Coproduction Opportunities (707 KB)

Elias Hinckley

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Tax Incentives 

James Smith

SMU COX School of Business

Oil and Gas Motivation 

Allan Muns

Enhanced Geothermal Technologies



Poster Session - Abbreviated Titles

Walter Albers - 2009 - Improving Electrical Generating Efficiencies of Well Geofluids [Abstract]

2008 - Technology for Adiabatic Temperature Increases Detailed Paper

David Blackwell - BHT Data Corrections

Toni Boyd - Trials and Tribulations of the Oregon Institute of Technology Small-Scale Power Plant

Anna Crowell - Using GIS to Estimate Geothermal Energy Reserves in Sedimentary Basins

Richard Erdlac - Implementing Oil Field Temperature Data for Formation Specific Heat Content [Abstract]

Zach Frone - US Resource Project Update

Jamie Hutchins - Extending the Economic Life of   Onshore Petroleum Wells by Reducing Operating Costs

Karen Jones - How to Explore for Geothermal Resources Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery

[ Abstract]

Bernie Karl - Chena Hot Springs

Kevin Kerlin - Total-Flow Geothermal Power Generation

Ben Kerr - Geoostatistical Analysis of Temps: Deep Aquifers, British Columbia (4 MB)

Rob Klenner - North Dakota Geothermal Energy [Abstract]

Peter Naderer -Transforming Liquidated Hydrocarbon Wells to Geothermal Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers [Abstract]

Michael Otto - Geothermal Energy Utilization: A 300C Directional Drilling System for Geothermal and EGS Wells

Agnes Reyes - Harnessing Low-Enthalpy Heat in New Zealand

José Martínez Reyes - Los Humeros Geothermal Reservoir, Mexico  [Abstract]

Andres Ruzo - What to Consider for a Geothermal Business Plan  [Abstract]

Maria Richards -2009 - Eastern Texas Geothermal Mapping  2008 -Geothermal Map of N. America

Tim Ryan - Radial Inflow Turbines for Kalina and Organic Rankine Cycles  and   Pictures (274KB)

Patrick Stepp - Texas Geothermal Resources (1MB)



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