Geothermal Energy Utilization

Associated with Oil & Gas Development


June 14 15, 2011

           Southern Methodist University

Dallas, Texas



Bruce Cutright


Bruce Cutright is a Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology. He is engaged in geothermal research in unconventional areas, alternative energy resources, and in particular, development of geopressured-geothermal resources using alternative heat extraction fluids. His experience prior to joining the Bureau of Economic Geology includes deep-well injection projects, in-situ mining, water resources development in arid, humid and island environments and environmental impact assessments for DOD and NASA facilities worldwide. He has developed master plans for environmental compliance for businesses in the pulp and paper sector, chemical plants, automotive and heavy manufacturing facilities. He served as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Director of Operations for the Midtown Miami Project which was the recipient of the 2009 EPA Phoenix Award for Environmental Excellence in Brownfields Redevelopment.


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UT Austin Bureau of Economic Geology