SMU Geothermal Conference Itinerary

Monday, June 13

1 pm - 5 pm Geothermal 101 Short Course


Tuesday, June 14

7 am -8:30 am Registration & Networking

8:30 am -4 pm Presentations

4:30 pm - 8 pm Keynote Speaker & Reception


Wednesday, June 15

8 - 9 am  Registration & Poster Session

9 am - 4 pm Presentations

 Detailed Agenda with Speaker Times


Booth Exhibitors

Cryostar SAS

Gulf Coast Green Energy

PermaWorks, LLC

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems

Sologen Systems, LLC


Program Presenters


Keynote Speaker

Charles Levey

Vice President

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems

Electric Power Industry Generation Trends and the Role of Renewable Energy


P. V. (Suri) Suryanarayana

Blade Energy Partners,  Exec. VP, Engineering, Research, and Development

Alternative system designs for co-production of geothermal energy and optimization of total energy recovery from oil & gas wells


Hal Macartney

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.,  Geoscience Advisor Rockies Asset

A Raton Basin Geothermal Prospect


John Fox

ElectraTherm Inc.,  Chief Executive Officer

Small Scale Power Generation from Geothermal and Co-Produced Fluids


Susan Petty

AltaRock Energy Inc., President and Chief Technology Officer

Multiple Zone Stimulation of EGS Wells Key to Reservoir Optimization


Kevin Myers

GE Global Research

High-Potential Working Fluids for Next-Generation Binary Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle for EGS


Mark Leidig

Weston Geophysical Corp., Research Seismologist

Methods of Monitoring Hydraulic Stimulation


Kevin Wallace

Power Engineers, Inc.Sr. Project Manager

Dinosaur and Ant are Friends! O&G and Geothermal Can Join Forces


Jamie Hutchins

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology  Graduate Research Assistant

Extending the Economic Life of Onshore Petroleum Wells by Reducing Operating Costs


Allan Muns

Republic Resources Ltd.


Richard Langson

Langson Energy,  Inventor, Founder, President

Generating low-cost Electricity from Pressure


Paul Dunn

Gas Equipment Engineering Corporation,  Chief Operating Officer

Baseline System Costs for 50 MW EGS -- A Function of: Working Fluid, Technology, and Location


Tim Reinhardt

DOE Geothermal Technologies Program, Co-Produced Geothermal Fluids Program Analyst

Update on Funding Opportunities through the DOE


Texas Senator Kip Averitt

Clean Energy Coalition


Seiichi Nagihara

Texas Tech University,  Associate Professor of Geosciences

A borehole geothermal database for the US Exclusive Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico


Howard McLaughlin

Tristream Resources,  CEO

An Overview of Australian Geothermal Projects


Halley Dickey

TAS Energy Inc.,  Director of Geothermal Business Development

Keeping it Simple... Developing Financeable Geothermal Projects


Bruce Bullock

Maguire Energy Institute,  Director


Lyle Johnson

DOE Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center, P.E., Geothermal Advisor

Coproduced and Low Temperature Geothermal Resources as Electrical Power Producers


Robert Wright

Baker Botts LLP,  Partner

Key Legal Issues and Their Impact on Geothermal Development


Bruce Cutright

UT Austin Bureau of Economic Geology,  Research Associate

The Transformation of Tight Shale Gas Reservoirs to Geothermal Energy Production


Will Gosnold

U of North Dakota, Petroleum Research, Education, and Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence

North Dakota Geothermal Binary Power Projects


Steve Erdahl

GreenTech Renewables LLC,  Founder & CEO

Finance Panel - Raising Venture Capital


Elias Hinckley

Kilpatrick-Townsend & Stockton LLP,  Partner

Finance Panel - Tax Incentives


James Smith

SMU - Cox,  Cary Maguire Chair in Oil & Gas Management

Finance Panel - Oil and Gas Motivation


Toni Boyd

Oregon Institute of Technology Geo-Heat Center,  Senior Engineer

Trials and Tribulation of the Oregon Institute of Technology Small-Scale Power Plant


Martin Kay

MLKay Technologies, Director

Data Availability for Projects


Bernie Karl

Chena Hot Springs

Sustainable is Attainable


Zachary Frone, Mitchell Williams, Joe Batir, Nicole Sica

SMU Geothermal Graduate Students US Resource Project Update


Kevin Kerlin

Helidyne LLC

Total-flow geothermal power generation


Anna Crowell

UND Department of Geology & Geological Engineering

Using GIS to Estimate Geothermal Energy Reserves in Sedimentary Basins


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