Katherine H. Stepp

Deans & Lyons



Mrs. Stepp, Esquire, graduated from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.  Katherine practices law as a trial attorney, devoting her practice to complex commercial litigation.  In 2008, Katherine joined Deans & Lyons, LLP, a smaller litigation practice, where she continued her practice, representing seasoned Fortune 500, start-up companies, and individuals.  Deans & Lyons is a Texas-based law firm with offices in Dallas and Houston, whose attorneys focus on a diverse array of litigation, including oil and gas, commercial, maritime, product liability and employment litigation. 

Katherine utilizes the flexibility of this unique hybrid and applies her oil and gas background to additional energy litigation pursuits.  As geothermal evolves in Texas, Katherine's understanding of this established body of law provide foresight into legal obstacles companies can expect to confront.  Motivated by the ramifications Texas jurisprudence could have on the future of geothermal, Katherine chooses to be on the forefront of these legal developments. 



Contact Information:  kstepp@deanslyons.com
                                    325 North Saint Paul St., Suite 1500
                                    Dallas, Texas 75201
                                    Tel: 214-965-8503