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Mr. Dickey is Director of Geothermal Business Development for Turbine Air Systems (TAS), a global leader in manufacturing modular packaged energy plants throughout North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Well known for the manufacture of Turbine Inlet Air Cooling and Packaged District Cooling, TAS has brought their “advanced delivery mechanism” to Organic Rankine Cycle power plants for geothermal, solar thermal, and waste heat to power, reducing complex field erected “stick built” plants to pre-engineered factory packages. The plants are rapidly deployable, minimizing development time, costs, and risks. Pre-wired and pre-tested, TAS ORC packages come in plug-n-play nominal sizes of; 0.5to15.0 MW’s, air/water cooled, any voltage/frequency/pressure, synchronous/induction, and can handle any liquids up to ~500°F/260°C, and most flue streams up to ~2000°F/1100°C.


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Halley K. Dickey

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