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Galen Treadgold

Galen E. Treadgold, vice president of Weinman GeoScience, received a BS in Geology and Marine Science in 1982 from the University of Miami before starting his geophysical studies at the University of Texas at Austin and receiving an MA in Geology/Geophysics in 1985. Galen joined ARCO that same year and over the next 15 years worked in various technology, exploration and management positions including coordinating AVO projects, teaching the first ARCO AVO school, managing the ARCO British technology group and managing ARCOís Trinidad and Venezuela exploration effort. In 2000, Galen joined Weinman Geoscience where heís held the position of chief geophysicist and now, vice president. Galenís main interests are direct hydrocarbon detection technology and azimuthal analysis for fracture detection. Heís given recent talks at the SEG in San Antonio, the SPG conference in Hyderabad, India and the RMAG conference in Denver. Galen sits on the Oil and Gas Committee at Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute and has been part of the AVO paper review effort for the annual SEG convention.


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