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Ben Russo


Ben Russo is currently the Director of Market Development, Contracts and Regulation with primary responsibility for Origination of Wholesale Business Development projects for Cleco Power LLC; and has been involved in the energy and chemical industries for over 17 years.


Russo is a graduate of Northeast Louisiana University B.S. Toxicology, with tenure at Ethyl Corporation, Albemarle Corporation, Formosa Plastics USA, and Cleco Corporation.  While at Cleco Corporation, Mr. Russo has been responsible for developing products that can be marketed to wholesale customers, in addition to developing non traditional utility markets.


Contact Information:     Ben Russo

                                    Director Market Development, Contracts & Regulation

                                    P. O. Box 5000

                                    Pineville, Louisiana 71361-5000


                                    (Office) 318-484-4926

                                    (Mobile) 318-308-1779

                                    (Fax) 318-484-4975