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Susanne Vaughan


Susanne Vaughan has been with Austin Energy, the city-owned electric utility, for eight years. She worked in the Market Research group, helping write business plans for new initiatives and reports concentrating on competitive intelligence. She then joined the Strategic Planning and Enterprise Development group, developing long-term corporate planning.

Prior to joining Austin Energy, Mrs. Vaughan was Vice President of Quality Drilling Technology in Round Rock, a subsidiary of Tensor. There, she was in charge of design and development of a patented tool system for surveying while drilling. Her responsibilities included design, planning, market development, and engineering improvements until the company was purchased in 1998.

Mrs. Vaughan has over thirty years of experience in the aerospace, defense, and energy industries in engineering design, research, management, and marketing. She has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in Business Administration from St. Edward’s University. She is a registered engineer in the state of Texas and maintains her hazardous materials certification.

A note from Mrs. Vaughan:

Anyone interested in working with Austin Energy would find the following site helpful: (main page), then go to Company News in lower left side and click on Strategic Planning, then read the 2006 Strategic Plan, especially pages 10, 20, & 21 for information on Austin Energy’s goals for renewable energy. This tells how much renewable capacity Austin Energy intends to buy, schedules, and how Austin Energy is aiding in bringing new clean energy technology to market.  Also, click on “Reports” in the “Related Content” on the same page and go to the report entitled “Value of Distributed Photovoltaics to Austin Energy” to get an idea of how much Austin Energy is prepared to pay for renewable energy.

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