Geothermal Energy Utilization

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David Blackwell


Dr. David Blackwell received his PHD in Geophysics from Harvard University in 1967 and joined the faculty at SMU after a year postdoctoral study at the Seismological Laboratory at CalTech.  He has been the W. B. Hamilton Professor of Geophysics since 1982.  His research specialty is the thermal field of the Earth and he has worked extensive in the US and also in Mexico, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Indonesia on regional heat flow and on geothermal projects.  He has received research grants and contracts for geothermal work from the USDOE, NSF and many other entities.  He has consulted for many US geothermal and energy companies.  Most recently he was editor with Maria Richards of a new Geothermal Map of North America published by the AAPG I(2004).  He is a long time member of the BOD of the Geothermal Resources Council and was President in 1991/92.  He has been a member of the BOD of the International Geothermal Association.  He and his colleagues at the SMU Geothermal Laboratory have been involved in geothermal resource studies in the United States for many years and are authors of the resource chapter of a 50 year EGS Geothermal Energy Projection to be presented to the Secretary of Energy this month. They also maintain a web site with extensive geothermal resource data at


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