Geothermal Energy Utilization

Associated with Oil & Gas Development


June 12 – 13, 2007

           Southern Methodist University

Dallas, Texas



Dr. Jefferson W. Tester is the H.P. Meissner Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT.  For three decades, he has been involved in chemical engineering process research as it relates to renewable and conventional energy extraction and conversion, and environmental control technologies.  

He has published extensively in the field of energy, boasting over 185 papers and 7 coauthored books, including Geothermal Energy as a Source of Electric Power (1976), Handbook of Geothermal Energy (1982), Heat Mining (1987), and Sustainable Energy – Choosing Among Options (2005).  

His other appointments have included director of MIT's Energy Laboratory (1989-2001), director of MIT’s School of Chemical Engineering Practice (1980-1989), and a group leader in the Geothermal Engineering Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (1974-1980).  

Dr. Tester is a member of the advisory boards of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as chair, Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust as chair, American Council on Renewable Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cornell University, and the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. 

He was a member of the Energy R&D Panel of the President’s Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) in 1997 and has served as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Research Council (NRC) in areas related to concentrating solar power, geothermal energy, and other renewable technologies; and waste minimization and pollution reduction.  Dr. Tester received a B.S. and M.S. with distinction in chemical engineering in 1966 and 1967 at Cornell, and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at MIT in 1971.



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