Geothermal Energy Utilization

Associated with Oil & Gas Development


June 12 13, 2007

           Southern Methodist University

Dallas, Texas


John Ziagos

John Ziagos is currently the Deputy Department Head for Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Department within the Energy & Environment Directorate.  In John's 30-year energy and earth sciences career, he has worked for small start-up companies (FINDER) and sizeable energy corporations (BP), for Federal (USGS and DOE) and State Government (UC) agencies, managing large and small teams of scientists and engineers.  In addition, John had the unique experience of building and operating a $100M 50 MWg geothermal power plant in southern California in East Mesa.  He also has many years of geotechnical field experience with terrestrial heat flow studies in central Mexico, geothermal and petroleum exploration and production in Alaska and the Gulf Coast.  John has technical expertise in environmental laws and regulations for groundwater contamination and remediation, subsurface characterization techniques and reservoir modeling, specifically inverse modeling.  John has been at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory since 1990 and was the Superfund manager at the Livermore Site and Site 300 for a total of about ten years.  John Ziagos holds a BS degree in mathematics and physics (1970) form Western Illinois University, and a PhD in geophysics (1983) from Southern Methodist University.



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