National Geothermal Links:

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Geothermal Technologies Program works in partnership with U.S. industry to establish geothermal energy as an economically competitive contributor to the U.S. energy supply.


Geothermal Energy Association is a trade association of several companies who would like to see an expansion in geothermal energy use, and the development of geothermal resources worldwide.  Their website contains current facts about possible geothermal electric production potential and other pertinent facts.  


The Oregon Institute of Technology Geo-Heat Center makes resources available to the public on the development of direct heat utilization of geothermal energy.  This technological information is aimed towards consultants, developers, potential users, and the general public.  This information developed through firsthand experience with hundreds of projects and through extensive research, is provided to individuals, organizations or companies involved in geothermal development.


Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium's website with detailed information geothermal based air conditioning systems and its use in the private and government sectors.  Geoexchange is the most energy efficient and clean system available according to the EPA.


For technical information about heat pumps that use the geothermal energy of the Earth at the surface to heat and cool a home or building or for a list of local contractors we recommend the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association site.


Idaho National Engineering& Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) is the main geothermal research center in the United States.  Their goal is to make Geothermal energy a competitive energy source in the United States Market.  Their website explains how geothermal energy in the ground is converted into electrical energy.  They also have a great online database of downloadable maps of geothermal areas.


Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP).  The REPP's website is a great source of information about all Renewable Energies – Hydro, Biomass, Geothermal, Wind, Solar, etc. The website is divided into sections that detail every aspect of that energy's use from economic benefits to environmental impacts.


The Energy Story is a twenty-chapter story about different energy types and their uses.  Effectively introduces every kind of alternative fuel source.


CADDET – Since 1988, this website has been a great source for leaning about commercial energy efficiency and renewable energy. 




Related Science Links:

A Department of Energy (DOE) site for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.  EERE Information Center:  1-877-EERE-INF (1-877-337-3463).  Detailed information for businesses, educators, children, and consumers (thus all of us).    


The Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration site is for those interested in all sorts of energy from gasoline to energy efficient products.  It even has areas just for kids.


  Website with links to other sites about science and mathematics.


The website of the Union of Concerned Scientists (USC).  USC is a non-profit association of over 100,000 scientists and citizens with concerns about the environment and world.



Virtual Earth - A Colorado based effort to model the Earth’s Convection using a computer modeling program called Citcom.  Convection is the method in which the Earth heats and cools itself.  Volcanoes and plate tectonics are the surface manifestations of the Earth's convection.


EPA’s calculator for personal greenhouse gas creation and other waste by-products calculating tools.  The calculator is for environmentally conscious households who wish to reduce their output of greenhouse gasses or for companies who wish to reach out to their employees.


“Provides information about data, analysis and recommendations regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction.”


F.W.G.S.   - Fort Worth Geological Society’s (FWGS) website. - Directory for the geology departments of over 500 Universities.  Created by the University of South Dakota.



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SMU Geothermal Laboratory