Texas Geothermal Outreach and Networking

The SMU Geothermal Lab has received a grant from the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) for geothermal outreach and networking, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy GeoPowering the West program.  The goal of this program is to increase geothermal awareness among Texas citizens and development of additional geothermal projects in Texas. 




The two primary organizers for the Texas Geothermal Working Group are:  Dr. David Blackwell and Maria Richards.  David Blackwell has researched geothermal for almost 40 years, with specializations in temperature measurements; development of basin modeling and fluid flow patterns.  Maria Richards coordinates the SMU Geothermal Lab, responding to requests for information and questions, and researches related projects.  We are also working with the Texas State Energy and Conservation Office (SECO) and with Dr. Richard Erdlac at UTPB Center for Energy and Economic Development.


Through creating a Texas Geothermal Working Group of individuals, companies, schools, organizations, etc., we anticipate moving Texas from a state of little geothermal knowledge and consumption, to one where geothermal becomes an important component of the renewable energy industry.  To accomplish this we will do the following:

*   Perform a state reconnaissance to find key stakeholders
*   Set up a networking group
*   Work with interested parties to develop a state strategy plan
*   Conduct public and technical meetings/seminars 
*   Maintain website of Texas geothermal information (www.smu.edu/geothermal)
*   Update Texas geothermal resource information (i.e. maps, pamphlets) 
*   Assist in identifying potential projects
*   Develop integration of research and development

Please fill out the Participants Form so we can send you news, updates, and meeting invitations related to the program.

Next download the Texas Geothermal Survey and send it to us so we can see how to be of most assistance to you.  It is designed to take about 5 minutes to fill out.


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West Texas Outreach - assisting us is:  Richard Erdlac of the West Texas UT Permian Basin


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