Proficiencies and Experiences

Quantitative Reasoning (QR): In addition to Quantitative Foundations course work, you will take one course in which quantitative reasoning skills are central to course content, delivery, and evaluation. Q courses may be entirely devoted to quantitative reasoning, such as offerings in mathematics and statistics. Q designations may also be attached to other courses in other disciplines that include major quantitative reasoning.  One course, beyond the Quantitative Reasoning Foundation component, is required. 

Quantitative Reasoning: Student Learning Outcomes: (Choose at least 3 of the following)

1. Students will be able to develop quantitative models as related to the course subject matter.
2. Students will be able to assess the strengths and limitations of quantitative models and methods.
3. Students will be able to apply symbolic systems of representation.
4. Students will be able to collect, organize and analyze data from a variety of sources.
5. Students will be able to formulate structured and logical arguments.
6. Students will be able to test hypotheses and make recommendations or predictions based on results.
7. Students will be able to communicate and represent quantitative information or results numerically, symbolically, aurally, visually, verbally, or in writing.