Pure and Applied Science: To be active, engaged citizens in a global society, graduates of SMU will be able to engage in scholarly discourse in science and engineering and to understand the implications of these disciplines. Students should be aware of the meaning and methods of science and engineering, and of the ways that both disciplines have shaped and continue to shape the world around us.

To achieve this goal, students must take two courses, with lab experiences, in the Pure and Applied Science Pillar. Due to the constraints of lab courses, these courses may both be introductory.

Pure and Applied Sciences: Student Learning Outcomes

Level one
1. Students will be able to demonstrate basic facility with the methods and approaches of scientific inquiry and problem solving.

Level one and Level two
2. Students will be able to explain how the concepts and findings of science or technology in general, or of particular sciences or technologies, shape our world.

Level two
3. Students will be able to select and apply appropriate techniques, skills, and modern tools to science or technology activities.

PAS courses come from such fields as Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Physics.

NOTE: The Pure and Applied Science requirement can be met either with two introductory courses each with a lab or with one introductory course with a lab and a more advanced course that may then not have a lab.