Creativity and Aesthetics: To develop an understanding of and appreciation for the creative impulse in a variety of artistic, cultural and historical contexts, graduates of SMU will be able to identify, explore and explain concepts fundamental to the visual, literary, and performing arts through critical analysis, performance or the act of personal creation. This Pillar also seeks to expose students to the fundamental role that creativity plays in maintaining a robust, adaptive, and prosperous society. To this end, students take two courses from the Creativity and Aesthetics Pillar.

Creativity and Aesthetics: Student Learning Outcomes

Level One
1. Students will be able to identify methods, techniques, or languages of a particular art form, creative endeavor or craft(s) and explain how those inform the creation, performance or analysis of creative.
2. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of concepts fundamental to the creative impulse through analysis, performance, or creation.

Level Two
1. Students will be able to analyze and construct clear and well-supported interpretations of creative works.
2. Pick one from below that best fits the context of the class:
    a. Students will be able to evaluate sources and analyze the role and value of creative works to the cultures (context) that create and adopt them.
    b. Students will be able to articulate and discuss the ways in which creative works reflect values and modes of thought (or ways of knowing) of individuals and cultures.
    c. Students will be able to articulate and discuss the ways in which creative works provide opportunities to transform cultures and individuals, including themselves.

CA courses come from such fields as Advertising, Art, Art History, English, Engineering, Film, History, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, Theater, and World Languages.