The Five Pillars

The UC Pillars component is a constellation of five two-course sequences that introduce students to the primary ways in which intellectual traditions have organized and constructed knowledge.

Each Pillar, except Pure and Applied Science, requires an introductory course that covers origins, critical analysis and important issues, and then a second course that, typically, will be of a more focused or advanced nature.

Courses may satisfy requirements of more than one Pillar, and courses taken to satisfy Pillar requirements may also count toward the student’s ma­jor. Any Pillars course may also be designated as satisfying one of more of the re­quired UC Proficiencies and Experiences.

Creativity and Aesthetics
Historical Contexts
Individuals, Institutions, and Cultures
Philosophical and Religious Inquiry and Ethics
Pure and Applied Sciences

You can use AP credit to satisfy the first level of a Pillar, but you cannot test out of the second, more advanced level of the Pillar (with the exception of the Pure and Applied Sciences Pillar).  Second-level Pillars classes should be taken at SMU.