Each UC student’s undergraduate career will culminate in a Capstone experience requiring the student to contribute to the “pool of knowledge” either by synthesizing and integrating a body of work within a chosen area of study or by taking an upper-level course that emphasizes an inter- or multi-disciplinary way of knowing. Providing undergraduates with an opportunity for reflection and sustained focus, this experience will employ skills, knowledge and methodologies taught throughout the undergraduate career. The Capstone can take the form of a course, a departmental or honors thesis, a senior project, a senior performance, an interdisciplinary project, or an internship combined with a paper that requires students to analyze, report on and reflect upon the experience. Capstones may also fulfill departmental or other program requirements, as determined by the degree-granting department or pro­gram.  

Capstone: Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will be able to apply a cumulative understanding of interdisciplinary/disciplinary practice.
2. Students will be able to produce a record or artifact showing some original achievement in research, synthesis, creative endeavor, exploration, or other production.

Note:  Since Capstone courses and experiences are designed for a student’s junior or senior year, there are currently no Capstones designated as such in either the university catalog or on this website.  SMU will begin publishing information about Capstone experiences in 2013.