Group III: Religious and Philosophical Thought
(3 term hours)

A category that introduces students to the practices of thought, reflection, criticism, and speculation in matters of belief, value, and knowledge.


The list of religious courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).


Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Human Diversity requirement. 


Dedman College

Department of Philosophy

     PHIL 1300 Introduction to Critical Thinking
    PHIL 1301 Elementary Logic
    PHIL 1305
Introduction to Philosophy
    PHIL 1306 Intro. to Philosophy: Minds, Machines, and Persons
    PHIL 1316 Introduction to Ethics
    PHIL 1317 Business Ethics
    PHIL 1318 Contemporary Moral Problems
    PHIL 3302 Problems in the Philosophy of Religion (RELI 3302)
    PHIL 3351 History of Western Philosophy (Ancient)
    PHIL 3352
History of Western Philosophy (Modern)

Department of Religious Studies

RELI 1301
Ways of Being Religious
   *RELI 1303
Introduction to Asian Religions
    RELI 1304 Introduction to Western Religions
   *RELI 1305 Introduction to Primal Religions

    RELI 1311 Judaism, Christianity, and The Bible

    RELI 3302 Problems in the Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 3302)
   *RELI 3306 Introduction to the Hindu Tradition
   *RELI 3307 Introduction to Buddhism
    RELI 3310 The Social-Scientific Study of Religion (SOCI 3320 – only counts for Group 3)
    RELI 3319 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
    RELI 3326 Introduction to the New Testament
   *RELI 3329 Introduction to Islam
    RELI 3330 The History of Christianity
   *RELI 3360 The History of Judaism
   *RELI 3366 Magic, Myth, and Religion Across Cultures (ANTH 3366 – only counts for Group 3)

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