Group V: Politics and Economics (3 term hours)

A category that introduces students to the applications of scientific methods to the study of institutional practices of transaction, organization, and rule.


The list of politics courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).


Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Human Diversity requirement. 


Dr. Joseph Kobylka, Associate Professor of Political Science, and instructor of Politics/Economics Perspectives courses

Dedman College

Department of Economics


ECO 1310 Exploring Economic Issues

ECO 1311 Principles: Consumers, Firms, and Markets (Microeconomics)

ECO 1312 Principles: Inflation, Recession, and Unemployment (Macroeconomics)


Department of Political Science

   PLSC 1320 Introduction to American Government and Politics

PLSC 1340 Introduction to Comparative Politics

PLSC 1360 Introduction to Political Theory

PLSC 1380 Introduction to International Relations


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