Group II: Literature (3 term hours)

A category that presents the roles, functions, and traditions of the imagination within a variety of national traditions.


The list of literature courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).


Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Human Diversity requirement. 


Dedman College

Department of English

 ENGL 1320 Chivalry

 ENGL 1330 The World of Shakespeare

*ENGL 1360 The American Heroine: Fiction and Fact

 ENGL 1362 Crafty Worlds: Novels in Our Time

 ENGL 1363 The Myth of the American West

*ENGL 1365 Literature of Minorities

 ENGL 1370 Tragedy and the Family

 ENGL 1385 Power, Passion, and Protest in British Literature

 ENGL 2310 Imagination and Interpretation

 ENGL 2311 Poetry

 ENGL 2312 Fiction

 ENGL 2313 Drama

 ENGL 2314 Doing Things With Poems

 ENGL 2315 Introduction to Literary Study

 ENGL 2361 Fortune, Fame, and Scandal: The American Dream of Success

 ENGL 3320 Topics in Medieval Literature

 ENGL 3330 Topics in Early Modern Literature

 ENGL 3331 British Literary History I: Chaucer to Pope

 ENGL 3332 Shakespeare

 ENGL 3335 Transatlantic Encounters I

 ENGL 3340 Topics in British Literature in the Age of Revolutions

 ENGL 3341 British Literary History II: Wordsworth to Yeats

*ENGL 3344 Victorian Gender

 ENGL 3345 Transatlantic Encounters II

 ENGL 3346 American Literary History I

 ENGL 3347 Topics in American Literature in the Age of Revolutions

 ENGL 3350 Topics in Modern and Contemporary British Literature

*ENGL 3354 Non-Western Culture and Literature

 ENGL 3355 Transatlantic Encounter III

 ENGL 3360 Topics in Modern and Contemporary American Literature

*ENGL 3362 African-American Literature

*ENGL 3363 Chicana/Chicano Literature

 ENGL 3366 American Literary History II

*ENGL 3373 Masculinities: Images and Perspectives (WL 3359)

 ENGL 3375 Expatriate Writers: The Invention of Modernism

 ENGL 3376 Literature of the Southwest

*ENGL 3377 Literature and the Construction of Homosexuality


Professor John Lewis reviews American Gothic Tales while teaching ENGL 2312, Fiction.

Department of World Languages and Literature

*CHIN 4381 Readings in Chinese Literature and Culture

*CHIN 4382 Chinese Culture and Society in Films

 FREN 4371 Survey of French Literature: From the Middle Age to the Revolution

 FREN 4372 Survey of Literature in French: From Romanticism to the Present

 GERM 3325 Introduction to German Literature

*SPAN 4395 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

*WL 3306 The Heart of Aztlán: Chicano Literature of the SW

 WL 3308 Introduction to General Linguistics (Effective Fall 2011, WL 3308 will discontinue under the Perspectives/Literature category and instead will be shifted to the Perspectives/Behavioral Science category.)

*WL 3312 Women in Modern China

*WL 3331 Survey of Russian Literature in Translation

 WL 3340 Semiotics and Interpretation

 WL 3350 Existentialism and Literature

*WL 3359 Masculinities: Images and Perspectives (ENGL 3373)

 WL 3391 Special Topics:  Italian Literature in Translation

 WL 3393 Dante’s Poetic Vision

 WL 3394 Boccaccio's Decameron and the Medieval Storytelling Tradition


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