Information Technology (3 hours)

Any course from this category will introduce students to emerging informational technologies and familiarize them with the design and operation of personal computers and networked systems, the fundamentals of computer programming, and the use of important software applications. Each of these courses must also include components on the impact of computers on society, and on ethics and information.


Students wishing to take the IT Waiver Exam, please visit for more details.


Transfer students who took an IT course elsewhere that did not have the modules on "computers and society" and "Ethics and Information" may wish to sign up for the self-study modules on these topics. After finishing these modules, they may take an exam. If the student passes the exam, then their transferred IT courses plus exam results may satisfy the General Education IT requirement. Please contact Julián Guevara for more details.


The list of information technology courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).

Information Technology Courses

ASIM 1310. Art and Code.
This course explores computation as a powerful creative medium.  Working with the Processing Programming Language, students will learn the fundamentals of programming in the context of creative development.  Course examples will include Algorithmic drawing, digital imaging, 2D and 3D animation, interactivity, typography and digital video.

CSE 1340. Introduction to Computing Concepts.
Introduction to computer concepts, program structures and interactive application development.  Programming with high-level languages, tools, and environments.  Laboratory exercises will include programming assignments.

CSE 1341. Principles of Computer Science I (typically attracts majors).
Introduction to the fundamental concepts of computer science – algorithms, program structures, data structures.  Structured programming in C++.  Development of programming skills to solve problems of reasonable complexity.  Introduction to UNIX.  First course for CS and CpE majors and minors.  Prerequisite: A grade of C- or better in CSE 1340 or one course in C, C++ or Java.

EMIS 1305. Computers and Information Technology.
A survey course in computers and information technology that introduces the college student to the architecture of the personal computer, software, hardware, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence, as well as the social and ethical implications of information technology.  The two-hour laboratory sessions reinforce the concepts learned in lecture, including a survey of word processing, spreadsheet, database management, presentation, and network software.  Credit is not allowed for a CS, CpE, or MS major or minor.

EMIS 1307. Information Technology in Business.
Today, computer literacy is essential to a career in any field but nowhere is it more crucial than in the business field.  This course focuses on the use of information technology in business and will explain the computer system and the relationship of its parts to each other.  It will define the terms used by technologists and install an appreciation for the effect of information technology on our lives and livelihood.  The lab component of the course introduces the student to major productivity software packages, provides the fundamental knowledge that is a requirement for a business major, and allows the student to explore the benefits that technology can bring. 
Credit is not allowed for an EMIS major or minor.  Credit is not allowed for both EMIS 1305 and 1307.

ITOM 2308. Information Systems Management. 
The nature of computer and communications technologies used in organizations is investigated.  Corporate databases; integrated software applications; inter-, intra-, and extranets, and other information technology-based tools are studied as tools that can enable superior business process performance.  Both positive and negative impacts of information technologies on individuals, firms and society are analyzed, including ethical issues and implications for privacy and security. The rudiments of systems integration and implementation are discussed.  Coursework includes problem solving with information technology and case assignments involving information systems.  For pre-business or business majors only.  Prerequisite: ITOM 2305 or STAT 2301.

ME 1305. Information Technology and Society.
A comprehensive survey of information technologies and the growing interconnectivity between them as currently utilized throughout society.  The student will acquire portable IT skills in the use of word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, graphics applications, and the Internet that will prepare him or her for that success in the workplace and beyond.  Issues surrounding IT will be discussed, including history, ethics, legal questions, use in producing and maintaining a competitive advantage, effects on society, and associated costs and benefits.

MSA 1315. Mass Media and Technology.
An overview of technology as it applies to mass media in America, emphasizing the access of information via the Internet and World Wide Web.  Topics include the expanding nature of technology, legal aspects, and the effects of technology on society.

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