Human Diversity Co-Curricular Requirement (3 term hours)

One Human Diversity Co-Curricular course (3 term hours) dealing with non-western and/or race-, ethnicity- or gender-related issues must be completed by every graduating student. This requirement may be satisfied by any course within the university’s undergraduate curriculum, including courses in the Perspectives and Cultural Formations components, as long as that offering is designated as a Human Diversity course.  Throughout the Perspectives or Cultural Formations sections of this booklet, any course marked with an asterisk is one that will satisfy the Human Diversity requirement. In addition, a wide offering of elective courses is available and listed below which meet this co-curricular requirement.


Human Diversity Courses


Descriptions of each course can be found in the current undergraduate catalog (or in the Cultural Formations section of this site, if the elective is co-listed with a CF course).  The complete list of Human Diversity courses offered can be accessed on the course listing document for each academic term.


The list of perspective courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).  Please note that section numbers beginning with the number 5 denote courses taught in the SMU Abroad Program.  Likewise, section numbers that begin with the number 9 represent courses taught at SMU-in-Taos.)


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