Group IV: History and Art History (3 term hours)

A category that introduces students to the study of events and processes within time by stressing a contextual analysis of the voices and artifacts of the past through primary and secondary sources. This category also offers credible accounts and explanations of the actions and intentions of the people of the past.


The list of history courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).


Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Human Diversity requirement. 

Meadows School of Arts

Division of Art History

 ARHS 1303 Introduction to Western Art, Part I: Prehistoric through Medieval

 ARHS 1304 Introduction to Western Art, Part II: Renaissance through Modern

 ARHS 1306 Introduction to Architecture

*ARHS 1308 Epic of Latin America

 ARHS 1312 Picturing the American West (Effective Spring 2009)

 ARHS 1315 Medieval Messages: Symbol and Storytelling in Medieval Art

 ARHS 1331 Nineteenth-Century European Art

 ARHS 1332 20th-Century Art: Sources and Styles of Modern Art

 ARHS 1336 Rhetorics of Art, Space, and Culture

*ARHS 1338 Chicano Art and the Politics of Place

 ARHS 1340 Urban Visions: Place, Culture, and the Theories of Cities

 ARHS 3306 Mummies, Myths and Monuments of Ancient Egypt:  Art of Expression of Eternal Egypt

 ARHS 3311 Mortals, Myths, and Monuments of Ancient Greece (CLAS 3311)

 ARHS 3320 Medieval Art

*ARHS 3321 Age of the Crusades: Power and Piety in the Ancient and Medieval Near East

 ARHS 3331 Art and Culture of the Italian Renaissance

 ARHS 3333 Art and Architecture

 ARHS 3338 Baroque Art in Italy, Spain, and the New World

 ARHS 3344 Spanish Paintings at the Prado Museum

 ARHS 3347 Eighteenth-Century European Art and Theater: Staging Revolution

 ARHS 3360 Modern Painters in Spain

 ARHS 3362 Picturing Children: European Art 1848-1916

 ARHS 3367 History of Photography

 ARHS 3373 American Art and Architecture to 1865

 ARHS 3374 American Art and Architecture, 1865 to 1940

*ARHS 3382 Art and Experience in Inka Peru

*ARHS 3383 The Ancient Maya: Art & History

*ARHS 3391 Visual Culture in Colonial Mexico

Dedman College

Department of History

*HIST 1301 World Cultures & Civilizations I

*HIST 1302 World Cultures & Civilizations II

 HIST 1303 Millennialism Through the Ages

 HIST 1321 First-Year Seminar in American History

 HIST 1322 First-Year Seminar in European History

 HIST 1323 First-Year Seminar in Non-Western History

 HIST 2311 Out of Many:  U.S. History to 1877

 HIST 2312 The Unfinished Nation:  U.S. History Since 1877

 HIST 2321 Philosophical and Religious Thought in the Medieval West

 HIST 2339 A History of Technology in the United States

*HIST 2355 History of the Ancient Near East and Egypt

 HIST 2365 Europe in the Modern World: Renaissance to 1760

 HIST 2366 Europe in the Modern World: 1760 to the Present

*HIST 2379 A History of Islamic Empires

*HIST 2390 Civilization of India

*HIST 2392 Modern Africa

*HIST 2394 China Before 1850

*HIST 2395 Modern East Asia

 HIST 2398 American Politics and Culture:  FDR to Bush

 HIST 3307 The U.S. and the Cold War, 1945-1989

*HIST 3312 Women in American History to 1900

*HIST 3313 African Americans in the U.S., 1607 to 1877

*HIST 3314 African Americans in the U.S., 1877 to the Present

*HIST 3315 Modern South Asia: Colonialism and Nationalism

 HIST 3318 The Human History of Natural Disaster in the United States

*HIST 3320 The Spanish Frontier in North America, 1513-1821

*HIST 3321 The American Southwest

*HIST 3324 The Mexican Americans, 1848 to the Present

*HIST 3327 Women in America History from 1900 to the Present

*HIST 3340 The Revolutionary Experience in Russia,1900-1930

*HIST 3341 Soviet/Post-Soviet Society & Politics,1917-Present

 HIST 3350 Life in the Medieval World, A.D. 306 to 1095

 HIST 3351 Life in the Medieval World, 1095 to 1350

 HIST 3354 Warfare and Diplomacy in Antiquity

 HIST 3360 English Society in the Age of Elizabeth the Great

*HIST 3362 Searching for the American Dream: U.S. Immigration/Migration

 HIST 3370 The American Revolution

*HIST 3372 The South in American History

*HIST 3390 Modern Middle East: 1914 to present

*HIST 3395 Problems in Asian History

*HIST 4304 At the Crossroads: Gender and Sexuality in the Southwest

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