Group VI: Behavioral Sciences (3 term hours)

A group of courses (anthropology, sociology, psychology) that introduces students to the scientific study of human thought, behavior, and records of human cultural organization.


The list of behavioral sciences courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).


Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Human Diversity requirement. 



Dedman College



Department of Anthropology


 ANTH 1321 First-Year Seminar in Anthropology

*ANTH 2301 Introductory Cultural Anthropology

*ANTH 2302 Peoples of the Earth:  Humanity’s First 5 Mil. Yrs.

 ANTH 3302 Monkeys and Apes:  The Non-Human Primates

*ANTH 3303 Psychological Anthropology

*ANTH 3304 North American Archaeology

*ANTH 3311 Mexico:  From Conquest to Cancun

*ANTH 3312 Meso-American Archaeology

*ANTH 3313 South American Indians of the Past and Present

*ANTH 3314 Peoples of Africa

*ANTH 3316 Cultures of the Pacific Islands

*ANTH 3317 Peoples of Southeast Asia

*ANTH 3318 Prehistory of the American Southwest

*ANTH 3319 Human Ecology

 ANTH 3323 East Asia: Cultural Traditions and Transformations

*ANTH 3344 Cultural Aspects of Business

*ANTH 3346 Culture and Diversity in American Life

*ANTH 3353 Indians of North America

*ANTH 3354 Latin America:  Peoples, Places, and Power

 ANTH 3355 Society and Culture in Contemporary Europe

 ANTH 3356 Before Civilization

*ANTH 3361 Language in Culture and Society

*ANTH 3376 Caribbean Transformations

*ANTH 4309 Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, and Nation States



Department of Psychology


PSYC 1300 Introductory Psychology

PSYC 2314 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 3341 Social Psychology



Department of Sociology


 SOCI 1300 Introduction to Sociology

 SOCI 2300 Social Problems

*SOCI 3340 Global Society

 SOCI 3363 Crime and Delinquency

*SOCI 3370 Minority-Dominant Relations

*SOCI 3371 Sociology of Gender



Department of World Languages & Languages


 WL 3308 Introduction to General Linguistics (Effective Fall 2011, WL 3308 will discontinue under the Perspectives/Literature category and instead will be shifted to the Perspectives/ Behavioral Science category.)



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