Group I: Arts (3 term hours)

A category that introduces students to the practice or study of various arts of expression, performance, and communication and their traditions.

The list of arts courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Human Diversity requirement. 

Students acting out 'physical impulse' moments creating the physical life of a character in THEA 3311, The Art of Acting taught by Professor Sara Romersberger.


Meadows School of Arts

    MSA 1350 The Arts in Their Cultural Context: The City of Imagination

Division of Arts

    ASCE 1300 Ceramics:  Introduction to Studio I

 ASDR 1300 Introduction to Studio – Drawing

 ASDR 1310 Drawing in Italy

 ASDS 1300 Introduction to Studio – Design I

 ASPH 1300 Basics of Photography

 ASPT 1300 Introduction to Studio – Painting

 ASSC 1300 Introduction to Studio – Sculpture I

Division of Film and Media Arts

    FILM 2306 History of Recorded Music

 FILM 2332 American Popular Film

 FILM 2351 International Film History

 FILM 2364 History of Cinema-TV Comedy

 FILM 3300 Film/TV Genres

 FILM 3310 Screen Artists

 FILM 3311 Great Directors

 FILM 3312 Great Directors

Division of Dance

    DANC 1301-1302 Beginning Ballet (Non-Majors)

 DANC 1303-1304 Beginning Modern Dance (Non-Majors)

 DANC 1305-1306 Beginning Jazz Dance (Non-Majors)

 DANC 2301-2302 Intermediate Ballet (Non-Majors)

 DANC 2303-2304 Intermediate Modern Dance (Non-Majors)

 DANC 2305-2306 Intermediate Jazz Dance (Non-Majors)

Division of Music

    MUHI 1321 Music: The Art of Listening

 MUHI 2310 The Broadway Musical: Vaudeville to Phantom

 MUHI 3337 Music, History, and Ideas

 MUHI 3339 Music for Contemporary Audiences

*MUHI 3340 Jazz: Tradition and Transformation

*MUHI 3341 Women and Music: “Like a Virgin”: From Hildegard to Madonna

 MUHI 3342 Music, Musicians, & Audiences in 19th-Century Paris

Division of Theatre

    THEA 1380 Dramatic Arts: Mirror of the Age

 THEA 2311 The Art of Acting

 THEA 4373 Creative Dramatics


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