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At Southern Methodist University, the philosophical basis for our undergraduate curriculum is our steadfast belief that the liberal arts are central to the goals of higher education. The Master Plan of 1963 articulated the University's educational commitment in this way: 

"The essence of the educational philosophy which undergirds the Master Plan is that professional studies must rise from the solid foundation of a basic liberal education.  The aim of this University, in other words, is to educate its students, as worthy human beings and as citizens, first, and as teachers, lawyers, ministers, research scientists, businessmen, engineers, and so on, second." 

To realize this commitment, the SMU faculty have determined that all undergraduates, regardless of major, will complete a program of study that emphasizes the values of what historically has been known as a liberal education, namely, learning to read, write and think critically while acquiring a basic understanding of human society in all its dimensions.

Hosted by Dedman College on behalf of undergraduate curricula in all of the schools, the courses and experiences included in this program of study provide a solid and broad education that will equip students to compete and adapt to the rapidly changing contemporary world and complement more focused study in the major.

Beginning in the 2012-13 academic year all first-time, first-year undergraduates will complete all requirements of the University Curriculum (UC).

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All other undergraduate students will complete the requirements of the General Education Curriculum (GEC).

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