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Erica Rosentraub, Ph.D.
Erica is a recent graduate of the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. Her research interests involve how differing aspects of inter-parent aggression (i.e. psychological aggression) affects children's adjustment as well as investigating possible points of intervention for teen dating violence. Clinically, Erica has experience in assessment and therapy with children and adults in the hospital setting. She has worked at Children's Medical Center with a concentration on autism and developmental disorders. Also, Erica has worked at Parkland Memorial Hospital with medically ill patients, utilizing CBT and behavioral medicine techniques to aid in patient recovery.
Laura Minze
Laura is a fifth year graduate student. Her research interests are interventions for children who are exposed to domestic violence. Laura received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from Baylor University. Clinically, Laura has experience in child assessment and as a therapist for Project Support, an in-home parenting intervention. Currently, she is working as an intern at Parkland Medical Hospital using CBT and behavioral medicine techniques to help medically ill population. Before beginning her doctoral studies, Laura worked at The Family Place, a domestic violence agency in Dallas.
Deb Corbitt-Shindler
Deb is a fifth year graduate student in the clinical psychology PhD program. Her research interests involve the influence of domestic violence on parent-child interactions and child functioning. She also has experience working with veterans and PTSD patients. She is currently an intern in Utah.
Gabriella Gomez
Gabriella is a fourth year graduate student in the clinical psychology program. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from SMU in May of 2006. Her current research interests include dating violence among college students, the development and evaluation of empirically supported sexual assault prevention programs, as well as ethnicity and acculturation and how it relates to dating and domestic violence.
Catherine Dodson
Catherine is a fifth year student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program. Her research interests involve developmental pathways to antisocial behaviors, with a special focus on callous-unemotional traits and psychopathy. She is currently running the Preschool Physio Project, which examines the relation between life-experiences (including domestic violence) and children's physiological reactions. For her clinical experience, she conducts home-based interventions with mothers and children exposed to domestic violence. Additionally, she runs CBT groups for social anxiety.
Victoria Mueller
Victoria is a second year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program. Her research interests involve studying teenagers and their interpersonal relationships with their family and friends.