John Wheeler -  Program Director/Instructor of ESL

John WheelerJohn Wheeler has worked as ESL/EFL teacher, teacher trainer, and program administrator since 1983.  Overseas EFL experience includes 15 years in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Slovakia.  Holds both Master of Arts degree in Linguistics (TESL) and Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from University of Michigan; earned Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance with French minor from Cleveland Institute of Music/Case Western Reserve University.  Has traveled extensively and speaks French, Turkish, Arabic, Slovak, and some German.  Has presented at professional conferences in ten different countries and his works appear in internationally recognized publications.   Member of TESOL International and served for 7-1/2 years as Higher Education Interest Section Representative for TexTESOL V Regional Affiliate.

Mary Cates
- Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Mary Cates has worked as EFL/ESL teacher, teacher trainer, counselor, administrator, consultant, and private tutor to both students and business professionals.  Overseas experience includes two years as EFL instructor with the Peace Corps in Turkey and homestay program in Lebanon.  Holds Master of Education degree from Texas Woman's University and Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from University of Texas at Austin.  Has completed graduate studies in Linguistics and ESL methodology for Higher Education at TWU and North Texas State University.  Speaks some Turkish, Spanish, and Japanese and has traveled most recently to Russia and Japan.  Has presented at local conferences and is member of TESOL International and TexTESOL V Regional Affiliate, having served as Newsletter Co-Editor and 1999 Statewide Conference Committee Member.

Linda Evans - Lecturer of ESL

Linda Evans has worked as ESL teacher and consultant for universities and corporations, and as communication skills tutor to both students and business professionals.  Specializes in American English Pronunciation and English for Specific Purposes.  Holds TESOL Certification from University of Texas at Arlington Dept. of Linguistics and Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with International Studies major from University of Texas at Dallas.  Travels include South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India and speaks some Spanish, Korean and Russian.  Has served on several community boards and currently chairs Committee on Refugees of United Nations Association USA-Dallas Chapter providing service learning opportunities for university students.   Member of TESOL International and TexTESOL V Regional Affiliate and has presented pronunciation workshops for local conferences.  

Darrell Fisher
- Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Darrell Fisher has taught ESL both locally and abroad, including positions at University of Texas at Arlington, Dallas County Community College District, and Colin County Community College District; worked abroad for five years in Quebec (Canada), Benin (Ivory Coast), Togo (West Africa), and France.  While in West Africa, managed two-year language survey of 27 dialects of the Yoruba language under SIL International.  Taught children in French while studying at LíUniversite Laval in Quebec and LíUniversite de Savoie in France.  Received Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from University of Texas at Austin, and Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics from University of Texas at Arlington.  Speaks some Spanish and has studied Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek.  Works as private tutor of pronunciation and verbal section of SAT, and is certified IELTS Examiner.

Jeffrey Hobbie
- Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Jeffrey Hobbie has taught ESL to students and business professionals in the Dallas area since 2005, including positions at University of Dallas, Dallas County Community College District, and Colin Country Community College District.  Worked for 13 years in various countries in Africa, most notably Congo and Tanzania, but also Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.  While in Africa, performed phonological analysis toward the development of an Ileka Ishile alphabet, conducted 12 socio-linguistic surveys, participated in numerous community development projects, and taught adult education classes in Swahili for many years.  Holds Master of Arts degree in New Testament Studies from Lincoln Christian University and Master of Arts degree in Linguistics from University of Texas at Arlington, and has completed course work toward a PhD in Linguistics.  Speaks fluent Swahili and has studied Hebrew, Greek, Ileka Ishile, and several other Bantu languages.

Rebecca Lommel
- Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Rebecca Lommel has worked as ESL/EFL teacher and program director, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, and consultant in both U.S. colleges and international programs.  Ph.D. studies in English Language and Linguistics conducted at University of Stuttgart, Germany.  Holds Master of Arts degrees in English Language and Linguistics from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, and in English Language Curriculum and Instruction from University of Texas at Austin; Bachelor of Science degree in English Education from Louisiana State University.  Speaks fluent German and some Spanish and has traveled worldwide.  Certified IELTS examiner and presenter at international and state TESOL and NAFSA conferences.

Sherri Morrison - Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Sherri Morrison has taught English as a Second Language and Developmental Studies at area institutions of higher education since 1997.  Has conducted private tutoring for international students, assisted in teacher training, and coordinated ESL course curriculum development.  Holds Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with minor in English and Master of Education degree in Special Education from University of North Texas; has achieved ESL certification from Texas A&M University.  Has traveled in Europe and North America and has studied German and American Sign Language.

Michael Nesuda - Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Michael Nesuda has taught English as a Second Language at area universities and colleges including Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and Dallas County Community College District.  Completed ESL Teaching Academy coursework and Oxford Seminars TESOL Certification.  Holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton University, as well as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Master of Music in Jazz Studies from University of North Texas.  Has studied Portuguese, Spanish, French, Czech, and Turkish.  Conducts group and private music lessons in guitar and improvisation, and is composer of music in jazz, popular, and classical idioms.

William Osborne
- Lecturer, Intensive English Program

William Osborne has worked as ESL/EFL teacher since 1999, starting his career at City University of New York.  In addition to his Masterís in TESOL, he holds a second Masterís in English Literature and has completed extensive coursework and research towards his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching from Fordham University.  Has worked as consulting editor to both universities and businesses in New York City and has participated in numerous language immersion programs in both French and Spanish.  Designed and implemented his own EFL web site to assist his students who wished to pursue their study of English outside of the classroom.

Jan Ware
- Adjunct Instructor, Intensive English Program

Jan WareJan Ware has worked as ESL teacher, curriculum writer, and program coordinator since 1982.  Other experience includes ESL teacher training, private tutoring, and volunteer ESL teaching.  Holds a Ph.D. in Humanities with a major in Linguistics and minor in Education (University of Texas at Arlington), an M.A. in English with an ESL concentration (University of North Texas), and a B.A. with majors in English and Psychology (University of Sydney, Australia).  Has studied French, Latin, Spanish, and Gugu Yalanji (an Australian Aboriginal language), but considers herself a beginner in all.  Has served TexTESOL V as board member and co-chair of a State Conference.

Morteza Zoroufchian
- Lecturer, Intensive English Program

Morteza Zoroufchian has over ten years of ESL/EFL experience teaching students from a variety of language backgrounds both internationally and in the U.S., including posts at University of London 's External Program and University of Dallas.  Currently teaches credit and non-credit ESL for Dallas County Community College District as well as ESL Written English (First-Year Writing) at SMU.  Received his Master's Degree in English Language Teaching from Allameh Tabatabaei University.  Is fluent in Persian, having lived overseas for twelve years, and has been certified as IELTS Examiner by University of Cambridge.


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