Useful Websites

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab  Chat live on-line with ESL students from around the world and take listening quizzes with RealAudio and RealVideo on everything from animal sounds to American slang to academic lectures.

Guide to Grammar and Writing  Improve your grammar and writing skills on the word, sentence, or paragraph level.  Learn about essays and research papers, take interactive grammar quizzes, and get e-mailed answers to your individual language questions.

Sounds of English  This site includes favorite links, handouts from presentations, English pronunciation pages (pictures, sounds, and videos to help you with English pronunciation), activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening, tips for teachers, and listening exercises with printable worksheets and teacher guides.

Dave's ESL Cafe  One of the best-known all-purpose ESL web sites around.  You can find people to chat with, materials to buy, idioms and phrasal verbs to learn, quizzes to take, and much, much more.  Search dictionaries, grammar guides, and writing style books for answers to your English language questions, or ask your question directly to Dr. Dictionary.  You can also subscribe to the Word of the Day mailing list.

Quotes of the Day  Updated daily with several quotes from famous authors.  You can also sign up for quotes to be e-mailed to you daily.  If that doesn't satisfy your appetite, access their entire collection, either randomly or by author.

British-American English Glossary  A list of British-American English equivalents in everyday speech.

American Life and American Culture  A brief guide to customs and lifestyles in the U.S. for international students.

Holidays on the Net  Everything from background information to greeting cards, and holidays of different religions and occasions in the U.S. Elaborate graphics may be slow in downloading.

Volterre's Keypals and Penpals  Are you interested in writing ESL students from countries all over the world?  You can first read background information on keypal and penpal projects, or go straight to sites that set you up with your new pal from the country of your choice.

The Tower of English  Find English tutors, classes and schools near you via this online directory.


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