Intensive English Program Guest Speakers

Patricia Ann LaSalle, Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Public Affairs (Summer 2002)
Dr. Gillian McCombs, Dean and Director, Central University Libraries (Fall 2002)
Dr. Vicki Hill, Director, Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (Winter 2003)
Dr. Hesham El-Rewini, Professor and Chair, Computer Science and Engineering Department, School of Engineering (Summer 2003)
Dr. William M. Finnin, Jr., Chaplain to the University (Fall 2003)
Dr. Elbert B. Greynolds, Jr., Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Cox School of Business (Winter 2004)
Dr. Rick Worland, Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Cinema-Television, Meadows School of the Arts (Summer 2004)
Dr. William Beauchamp, Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Dedman College (Fall 2004)
Dr. William Pulte, Associate Professor and Director, Bilingual Education Office, School of Education (Winter 2005)
Dr. Christine Szaj, Associate Dean for Administration, Dedman School of Law  (Summer 2005)
Dr. Ben Wallace, Professor of Anthropology, Assistant Provost and Director, Study Abroad Office (Fall 2005)
Dr. Joseph J. Norton, Chair, Graduate Legal Studies, Dedman School of Law (Summer 2006)
Dr. Caroline Brettell, Professor of Anthropology, Dean ad interim, Dedman College (Fall 2006)
Dr. Frank R. Lloyd, Associate Dean for Executive and Management Development, Cox School of Business  (Winter 2007)
Dr. James Gerhardt, Acting Associate Dean for General Education  (Fall 2007, Winter 2008, Summer 2008)
Michael Clarke, Executive Director, The International Center (Fall 2008, Fall 2009)
Susan Kress, Director, SMU Education Abroad (Spring 2011)
Dr. Stephanie Dupaul, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management (Summer 2011)
Dr. Denise DuPont, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of World Languages  (Fall 2011)
Don Shelly, Admissions, Master of Science in Finance Program, Cox School of Business (Summer 2012)
Judith Becker, International Student Fellowship, Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life (Spring 2013)
Dr. Alicia Eddington, BBA Advising, Records, and Special Programs, Cox School of Business (Summer 2013)