Seminar for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs)

The Office of University Curriculum/GEC offers the Seminar for ITAs, which is comprised of two one-semester courses:  ESL 6001 and ESL 6002.  ESL 6001, which is offered only in the fall term, is recommended as a prerequisite for ESL 6002, which is offered in the spring.  Both courses are free of charge, non-credit bearing, and will appear on your transcript as Pass or Fail.

Who is ESL 6001/6002 intended for?
Any new or continuing graduate student for whom English is not their first language may apply, although the sequence is required for ITAs who will be responsible for undergraduate students taking General Education courses.

What does the seminar cover?
The main components of ESL 6001/6002 include:
  • Language skills, including speaking fluency, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, and some reading/writing;
  • Cross-cultural communication within the American classroom, including American classroom culture, the U.S. system of education, and American idioms and colloquial speech;
  • Pedagogical skills as relates to ITAs' professional environment, including experiential training with presentation skills, classroom management, and classroom observations.
The primary goal of ESL 6001 is to develop oral/aural communication skills pertinent to the ITA experience, while ESL 6002 focuses more on ITA-related teaching methodology through case studies and micro-teaching exercises.  In addition to in-class instruction, students are provided periodic out-of-class individual consultations on their pronunciation and presentation skills.

The required text for both ESL 6001 and ESL 6002 is Communicate:  Strategies for International Teaching Assistants.  View the most recent semester's course syllabus for ESL 6001-701, ESL 6001-001, and ESL 6002-701, ESL 6002-702.

When are classes held?
Classes are held four hours per week, and exact days and times for the upcoming semester's course sections are listed on the online Application Form.

How do I enroll?
Complete and submit the online Application Form, and you will receive an e-mail response with more details regarding registration procedure.  If you do not receive an e-mail response with more details regarding registration procedure within one week, please re-send the form.

ESL 6001-001, Fall 2013

ESL 6001-701, Fall 2013