Communication Skills II

The Office of University Curriculum/GEC offers ESL Communication Skills II 1002 to students whose native language is not English.  Designed as a follow-on course to ESL Communication Skills 1001, ESL 1002 explores American culture, customs, attitudes, and idiomatic use of the language while practicing advanced level skills, including:
Giving Presentations

The class is open to undergraduate and graduate students of SMU.  It is free of charge, non-credit bearing, and will appear on your transcript as Pass or Fail. Enrollment is limited and ESL departmental approval is required.  See the most recent semester's course syllabus.

Exact days and times for the upcoming semester's course are listed on the online Application Form.  If you do not receive an e-mail response with more details regarding registration procedure within one week, please re-send the form.

ESL 1002, Spring 2013