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The following ESL (English as a Second Language) courses are offered by the Office of University Curriculum/GEC of Dedman College to SMU students from all areas of the University (not available to the general public - please see IEP below).  Enrollment in ESL courses is restricted, so please submit the appropriate online Application Form via the links below to secure the necessary ESL Class Permission.

    ESL Communication Skills 1001
    Students work within an interactive format to focus on the enhancement of their oral/aural skills including speaking fluency, giving presentations, pronunciation, listening, and American idiomatic usage.
    ESL Communication Skills II 1002
    This course explores American culture, customs, attitudes, and idiomatic use of English while practicing students' speaking, reading, writing, and presentation skills.
    Advanced Grammar for Writers 3001
    Aspects of English grammar critical to ESL writers are examined through academic readings and are practiced with writing analysis assignments and a final research project.
    Advanced Academic Writing 3002
    ESL students explore and practice writing skills critical to their particular field of specialization using academic texts as a basis for out-of-class writing assignments and a final research project.
    ESL Pronunciation Skills 4001
    Do people have trouble understanding your pronunciation?  This course will show you how to mimic American English speech through sentence stress, rhythm, intonation, and body language with extensive individualized feedback.
    Seminar for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) 6001/6002
    This two-semester sequence prepares ESL graduate students in their responsibilities with undergraduate students taking General Education courses.  The main components include language skills (mostly oral/aural), cross-cultural communication within the American classroom, and pedagogical/presentation techniques.

For non-SMU students, we offer:

    Intensive English Program (IEP)
    This multi-level year-long program is designed to prepare ESL students and professionals for academic success at the university level.   The course of study consists of English for Academic Purposes, TOEFL-related skills, and American culture.
    Summer Term IEP
    A multi-level six-week term of the IEP open to both the University as well as community ESL students and professionals.  On-campus dormitory housing and meals are available.

ESL courses are also available specifically for SMU students of:

    Discernment and Discourse Program, Dedman College
    ESL D&D students complete out-of-class papers based on assigned readings while focusing on language accuracy during in-class workshops and conferences.  Written fluency skills are developed with regular journal entries, and students improve their speaking and listening abilities through relevant class discussions and oral presentations.
    Artist Certificate Program, Division of Music, Meadows School of the Arts
    Classes are specially designed to assist ESL students in their musical studies as well as possible future study towards a Bachelors or Masters degree.  The focus is on both functional speaking practice and TOEFL preparation.

Other resources available to students of SMU:

    Self-Study LabThere is a special collection of ESL self-study materials located at the Fondren Library Information Commons.

    Conversation BuddiesThe Conversation Buddy Program is available for both ESL and native English speaking students of SMU to practice their listening and speaking skills in English in an informal, one-on-one setting outside the classroom. This program is available at the beginning of each fall, spring and summer semesters.

    Grammar DoctorAsk the "ESL Grammar Doctor" a language question by filling out the online Grammar Doctor Form.

Contact the International Center for information on services available to SMU international students such as the International Student Handbook, administrative support for Living in the U.S., and the IEP Mandatory Orientation presentation.

For educators, SMU's School of Education offers Bilingual/ESL Teacher Education in three areas:  ESL Certification, Bilingual Supplemental Certification, and Master of Bilingual Education programs.  Please send an e-mail to for more information on this program.

Visit for more information about the Test of English as a Foreign Language.  SMU does not offer TOEFL testing.

For more information on ESL at SMU, contact:

Mr. John E. Wheeler - Director, ESL Program
ESL at SMU Facebook Group

Office of University Curriculum/GEC
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