DEA Staff Contacts

Office of the Vice President

Brad Cheves, Vice President of Development and External Affairs
Heather Shaw, Director, Leadership Gifts
Johnetta Davis, Project Specialist
Michele Andrews, External Relations Coordinator
Lisa Meyer, Administrative Assistant
Martha Mendez, Administrative Assistant 

Strategic Affairs:
Robert Bucker, Assistant to the Vice President for Strategic Affairs
Suzanne Massey, Assistant Director
David Lott, Administrative Assistant

Finance Office:

Yvette Castilla, Financial Officer
Susan Morrison, Assistant Financial Officer
Vali Dicus, Accounting Specialist
Glenn Taylor, Desktop Consultant
Blaine Reid, Help Desk Consultant
Cindy Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Theresa Remek, Manager, Administrative Services
John Saltzgiver, FAS Admin

DEA Program Services:
Dana Ayres, Executive Director
Martha Coniglio, Special Events
Lisa Chou, Senior Director
Jeff Lockhart, Manager
Erin Sutton, Manager
Kristi Trail, Assistant Director
Jennifer Bartsch-Allen, Assistant Director
Suzy Brack, Administrative Assistant
Johnny Armijo, Administrative Assistant
Brittany Timmerman, Administrative Assistant
Sally Garber, Administrative Assistant
Carla Scott, Coordinator
Michelle Metzger, Administrative Assistant

Development and Alumni Affairs

Alumni Giving and Relations:
Vacant, Executive Director
Becky Ortiz, Coordinator

Jan Swanson, Director, Direct Marketing
Shea Furlong, Associate Director, Direct Marketing
Linh Nguyen, Assistant Director, Direct Marketing Communications
Sarah Holton, Assistant Director, Direct Marketing Solicitations
Vacant, Director, Alumni Data Management
Astria Scott, Director, Reunion Programs
Heather Brooks Novascone, Reunion Giving Officer
Julie Griffith, Reunion Giving Officer
Andrea Roberts, Coordinator, Reunion Programs
Andrew Snow, Director, Alumni Relations 
Mindy Rowland, Associate Director, Alumni Programming
Allison Curran, Associate Director, Alumni Outreach 
Holly Myers, Assistant Director, Young Alumni and Student Programs
Aileen McDermott, Assistant Director, Alumni Outreach
Deah Mitchell, Administrative Assistant, Alumni Programming
Mary Jo Dancer, Administrative Assistant, Alumni Outreach
Lindsay Scanio, Coordinator, Alumni Programs

Development Services:
Charles Headley, Executive Director
Brennan Hadden, Sr. Development Systems Consultant
Laura Wheeler, Coordinator

Development Research and Prospect Management:
Sarah Daly, Director
Janey Rodriguez, Researcher, Special Projects
Blanche Overton, Researcher
Amie Jennings, Researcher
Laura Messersmith, Researcher
Stephanie Iverson, Researcher

Development Management Systems:
Charles Gunderson, Director
Cheryl Williams, Senior Manager Reporting Services
Diane Kucera, Business Systems Analyst
Ashley Tomberlin, Business Systems Analyst
Rene Reid, Manager, Desktop and User Support Services
Merrell Milano, Training and Document Administrator
Joseph Good, Senior Application Developer
Willem Vandenberg, Senior Application Developer
Olice Certain, Senior Application Developer

Donor Relations:
Katherine Stenesen, Director
Emily McGill, Assistant Director
David Gianadda, Manager
Janet Dickman, Administrative Assistant

Records & Gift Administration:
Kirsten Burch, Director
Keven Jones, Business Systems Analyst
Courtney Gant, Accounting Specialist

Gift Administration:
Jared Calkins, Assistant Director
Vickie Atwell, Gift Administrator
Cindy Smith, Gift Specialist
Maria Cheesar, Gift Specialist
Jeremias Tays, Gift Specialist
Austin Westervelt-Lutz, Assistant Director
Alex Estrada, Senior Records Specialist
Roberta Martin, Senior Records Specialist
Sabrena Gant, Records Manager
Alicia Jones, Records Specialist
LaTasha Hunt, Records Specialist
Ginger White, Records Specialist
Dianna Zaragoza, Records Specialist

University Development:
Pam Conlin, Assistant Vice President
Scott Taylor, Associate Director
Shanon Edwards, Coordinator
Sherrill Jones, Advancement Assistant
Mindy Gardiner, Administrative Assistant

Corporate and Foundation Relations: 
Rob Strauss, Director
Jason Wright, Grant Writer

Athletics Development: 
Tim Leonard, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development
Tim McMurray, Assistant Athletics Director for Development
Bob Sharp, Director of Major Gifts
Debbie Mulvenna, Director of Operations, Athletic Development
Amy Sims, Assistant Director, Athletics Giving
Purity Ateku, Coordinator, Athletics Development
Debbie Davies, Events Coordinator, Annual Giving and Membership Programs
Linda Miller, Assistant to the Director of Annual Giving

Planned and Endowment Giving:
Marianne Piepenburg, Assistant Vice President
Renee Bowen, Coordinator

Planned Giving:
Vacant, Director
Jill Rogers, Advancement Associate

Endowment Giving:
Linda Preece, Director
Pamela Batson, Assistant Director, Endowment and Academic Support
Kasi Zieminski, Assistant Director, Endowment and Scholarship Support
Rebecca Melde, Advancement Specialist

Principal Gifts:
Robin Maness, Executive Director
Nan Gunter, Coordinator

Central University Libraries
Paulette Mulry, Director of Development
Tom Greene, Advancement Associate

Cox School of Business
Laran O'Neill, Director of Development
Catherine Baetz, Assistant Director of Development
Jessica Lewis, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship
Fran Lapetina, Advancement Associate

Dedman College
Courtney Corwin , Director of Development
Sharon Gambulous, Assistant Director of Development
Lacey DeMara, Advancement Associate

Dedman School of Law
Lynn Bozalis, Associate Dean
Jennifer Shultz, Assistant Director of Development
Janet White, Advancement Associate

Lyle School of Engineering
Ann Fielder, Assistant Dean of Development and Communications
Tiffany Vega, Assistant Director of Development
Jessica Sisk, Advancement Associate

Meadows School of the Arts
Kris Vetter, Assistant Dean for Development and External Affairs
Mary Lynn Amoyo, Assistant Director of Development
Vacant, Advancement Associate

Perkins School of Theology
Todd Rasberry, Director of Development
Dorothy Botnick, Assistant Director of Development
Amanda Barbour, Advancement Associate
Joyce Hull, Coordinator, Annual and Class Giving, Perkins School of Theology

Simmons School of Education and Human Development
Patti Addington, Director of Development
Pat Keller, Advancement Associate

Student Affairs
Arlene Manthey, Associate Director of Development
Katrina Glenn, Administrative Assistant

National Major Giving Programs:
Kurt Pottkotter, Executive Director
Gina Bratcher, Coordinator
Christi Shelton Contreras, Director, Parent Giving
Kate Moreland, Advancement Associate, Parent Giving
Lori Atkinson, Regional Director of Development, St. Louis, Austin and San Antonio
Brandon Starr, Regional Director of Development, Houston and Ft. Worth
Pamela Conner, Advancement Associate
Lynn Bohne, Regional Director of Development, Los Angeles and San Francisco
Susanne Mayon, Advancement Associate
Timothy Moore, Regional Director of Development. New York, Atlanta and D.C.
Allison McBee, Regional Director of Development, Denver and Chicago
Tomasina Betoncur, Advancement Associate

Public Affairs

Patti LaSalle, Associate Vice President and Executive Director
Carolyn George, Coordinator
Susan White, Director of University Periodicals
Pat Ward, Senior Writer/Editor

News & Communications:
Kent Best, Executive Director
Cherri Gann, Administrative Assistant

Gary Shultz, Director of Online Media Relations & Communications
Eva Parks, Director of Integrated Video Communications
Kim Cobb, Director of Media Marketing
Nancy George, Senior Public Information Officer
Christina Voss, Public Information Officer
Denise Gee, Public Information Officer

Content and Special Projects:
Joan Jackson, Director of Content and Special Projects
Sarah Hanan, Senior Writer / Editor
Margaret Allen, Senior Research Writer
Kathy Tibbetts, Online Editor
Integrated Marketing:
Mitch Whitten, Executive Director Integrated Marketing & Advertising
John Gibson, Senior Writer and Producer
Kevin Richardson, Senior Writer
Vacant, Coordinator

Lisa Barnes, Production Director & Senior Designer
Vacant, Production Designer

Vicki Olvera, Creative Director
Brittney Wallace, Senior Designer & Client Services Administrator
Nicole Santos, Senior Designer
Brooke Carlock, Senior Designer
Alexis Olajay, Client Services Coordinator
Melinda Matthews, Marketing Editorial Director
Karen Shoholm, Proofreader/Editor
Miya Kim, Proposal Specialist
Bindu Varghese, Writer

Editorial & Photography:
Sherry Myres, Executive Director of Marketing
Hillsman Jackson, Senior University Photographer
Laura Graham, Assistant Director of Photography
Clayton Smith, Production Photographer

Ben Alexander, Director
Katy Scott, Associate Director
Bill Robinson, Developer
Cavin Stone, Designer

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