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Survey: Performance Evaluation Form and Process

Purpose of Survey

In looking to revise the performance review form for next year (2013), CUL management has formed a task force to look at ways to improve the form and/or process. To help us do that, we would like staff feedback this year (2012). The survey is available only to CUL staff. You can respond to all the questions, as many questions as you like, or one final question with general comments and suggestions. We appreciate your feedback.

The survey questions are:

The basic steps of the current evaluation process:

  1. The supervisor sets the date for the evaluation and communicates it to the employee.
  2. The supervisor and the employee write independent drafts of their respective sections.
  3. The supervisor and the employee meet to discuss the performance evaluation and to set appropriate goals (work output and development) for the employee to achieve in the coming year.
  4. The supervisor combines the final version of the document and fills out the supervisor summary.
  5. The employee can fill out the employee's comments section, if desired.

Regarding the performance evaluation form...

  1. Which questions on the current performance review are most helpful or relevant?
  2. Which questions seem less relevant or redundant?
  3. Is there sufficient information provided in the review to answer questions effectively? If not, how could this be improved?
  4. What other competencies would you find useful in evaluating performance?
  5. Describe other performance evaluation forms that you know of. What did you find useful about them?

Regarding the evaluation process itself...

  1. How does the goals setting process help you prepare for the next year? How could it be improved?
  2. What parts of the current process work best? How could it be improved?
  3. What other suggestions do you have to improve the performance review process or the form?

Survey Instructions

  1. Go to the CUL Inside.SMU site. If prompted, log in with your SMU ID and password.
  2. Click on the Performance Review survey at the top of the left sidebar.

    Link to Survey
  3. Click on Respond to this Survey above the survey name and description.

    Link to Survey

You may only respond to the survey one time. However, you can save your response and edit it later.