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How to Schedule a Meeting Room

How to schedule a meeting through Microsoft Outlook

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Room Outlook Listing Seats Technology Details
FLE 100
Research Consultation Office
Phone: 214.768.2531
  • Installed computer
Reservations by CUL staff only, liaisons scheduling research consultations have first priority and may supersede other reservations.
FLE 108E   6
  • 60" LED display with vga, hdmi & USB inputs
  • Mac computer
Reservations by FLC staff and SMU students only.
FLE 109B
Screening Room
  • Projector and sound system
  • Installed iMac computer
  • Library staff can request a laptop via a library help ticket.
  • VHS and DVD playback both in PAL and NTSC
  • Speakerphone: 214.768.1033
  • Students are not allowed to bring food into the screening room. Staff are allowed to have boxed lunches only.
  • If a "help start" is required, it must be noted in the room reservation and requested by a library help ticket.
  • Furniture rearrangement is the responsibility of the requestor and must be returned to "neutral" at the conclusion of the event. A half hour gap is required prior to, and immediately after the appointment to accommodate this. No events should be scheduled during that time.
FLE 310
Conference Room
  • No installed technology
FLE 310 is for booking by CUL & OIT staff only.
FLE 323
User Education
  • 22 student PCs
  • 1 instructor PC
  • 2 projectors & screens
  • FLE 323 is for booking and use by CUL staff only.
  • *Extra stacking chairs in closet.
FLE 402
Ornish Room
Phone: 214.768.1489
18   Conference table accommodates (12) people.
FLW 103B
FLW 103 B
  • 21 PC's & 2 iMacs
  • (1 of the PCs is for the instructor)
  • LCD projector & screen installed
  • No telephone
FLW 103C
FLW 103 C
  • 28 iMacs(1 of the iMacs is for the instructor)
  • LCD projector & screen installed
  • Polycom video conference system installed
  • No telephone
FLW 113
Conference Room
  • 55" LCD display with vga and hdmi inputs
  • Library staff can request a blu-ray device via a library help ticket.
  • Speakerphone: 214.768.7531
  • Conference tables (2) can be used separately to seat 8 each or together to seat 14.
  • This room can only be reserved for CUL, OIT and CTE staff.
FLW 211 Texana Room
Schedule by contacting Russell Martin
  • No installed technology
  • Limited availability; primarily used for DeGolyer staff, classes, and events.
  • Couch (1)
  • Conference table accommodates (12) people.
  • Maximum Occupancy: 50
Hamon 1240
Hamon Hawn Conference Room
  • Installed computer
  • Laptop compatible
  • VCR and DVD player
  • Installed projector, screen and sound
  • Telephone:
  • Assembled conference table accommodates 14 20 people + one table for beverages or other items
  • Tables can be reconfigured as training tables for 2 people each
  • White board
SIC 306A
SIC Room 306A
  • 60" LCD display
  • Installed laptop
  • Microsoft live meeting device
  • Speakerphone: 214.768.0822
SIC 315B
Informal Meeting Space
  • No installed technology
  • Not for private meetings (no door, open area).
  • *Additional chairs can be retrieved from room SIC 364.
SIC 356A
Lunch Meeting Room
  • 55" LCD display
  • Installed laptop
  • Library staff can request a laptop via a library help ticket.
  • Speakerphone: 214.768.1847
SIC 364
SIC Auditorium 364
  • Laptop
  • Installed dlp projector and sound system
  • Dvd/blu-ray player
  • Microphone available via request by library help ticket.
  • Speakerphone: 214.768.2410
  • Folding tables are available in room 364A.
  • Additional chairs can be retrieved from room 315B.
  • Technology help should be requested by library help ticket.
  • Furniture MUST be returned to neutral upon completion of event. View neutral configuration.