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Movies at Fondren Library

Find movies in different languages!

You may be wondering if we have movies in more languages than the 12 options listed in the Browse movies by language section.

Movies by language

And the answer is, Yes we do! You can use the language limiter to find movies in other languages. The easiest way to show you this is to perform a search that brings up the entire movie collection, and then limit by the language you want. Start by simply clicking "Search". You don't need to type anything in the search box.

General Search

You see that you retrieved thousands of titles!

Search Results

To limit by language, click "more" in the Language limiter on the left column.

Language limiter

By default, the language terms with the most films are listed first. You can also sort them in alphabetical order.

Sorting results

Now you can simply scroll through the list and select the language you want to find.

Please note: The list of movies that appears will either be in that language, include tracks that dub the movie in that language, or simply include scenes where that language is spoken. Learn more here.

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