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Public Services Policies

Privacy and Confidentiality

Southern Methodist University's Central University Libraries actively protects the privacy and confidentiality of library patrons and their use of resources and services. Individuals who use library services that require personally identifiable information are entitled to view their information. The library will explain the process of accessing or updating your information so that all personally identifiable information is accurate and up-to-date. Since some of the information we use is provided by other campus offices (e.g. Registrar's Office or Human Resources), you may need to update your information elsewhere if it is not correct.

While the libraries must collect some personally identifiable information in order to function properly (such as notification of overdue items, recalls, reminders, etc.), Central University Libraries will not share data with others, unless required by law. We conduct regular privacy audits in order to ensure that all library programs and services are enforcing our privacy policy. Library users who have questions, concerns, or complaints about the library's handling of their privacy and confidentiality rights should file written comments with the Director of Scholarly Resources and Research Services. We will respond in a timely manner and may conduct a privacy investigation or review of policy and procedures.

As an academic division of Southern Methodist University, the Central University Libraries abide by SMU's privacy policy, available at Right to Know and Other Legal Disclosures page on the SMU website.