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Public Services Policies

Public Computer Use

Library computers are provided for the purpose of retrieving information in support of the research, instruction, and service mission of the University. Non-research activities such as game playing, gambling, and commercial ventures are not permitted on library computers.

SMU students, faculty, and staff have first priority use of all computers and resources. Library staff reserve the right to ask computer users for identification.

If other users are waiting, an individual's computer time may be limited. Library staff reserve the right to ask a computer user to surrender a computer or resource to another user with a higher priority.

Library staff are not responsible for computer failures or loss of data. Use computers at your own risk. Save to portable storage device. Saving files to the desktop may result in loss of data.

Reference staff are available to assist users with library research resources (e.g., databases provided by the libraries) but not with other programs (e.g., Microsoft Word).

Southern Methodist University's Computing and Communications Policy 12.3 (found within section 12.0 Intellectual Policy / Information Technology in the University Policy Manual) governs the use of all computers and networks of the University. The policy is available online at (Available only from within the SMU campus).

Any attempt to circumvent or disable security arrangements on any computer in the State of Texas is a misdemeanor and will be treated accordingly, including a report to the SMU Department of Public Safety.

Visitors who violate this policy may be asked to leave and/or receive a criminal trespass citation from SMU Police. SMU computer users who violate this policy will be referred to SMU Police and further action may be taken.

Although the Central University Libraries make every attempt to protect library users' privacy, all university electronic information is the property of SMU, unless otherwise stated in a contractual agreement or other applicable policy (i.e. University Policy 12.3, "Intellectual Property") and may be subject to review by authorized officials.