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Circulation Policies: Fondren Library Center


Book Loan Periods

  • Undergraduate Students: 3 weeks
  • Graduate Students: 120 days
  • Staff: 120 days
  • Faculty: 1 year
  • Browsing books are 3-week loan for all groups.
  • Reserves are either 2 hours (in-library use only) or 3 days.

Maximum Number of Book Items

  • Undergratuate Students: 50
  • Graduate Students: 250
  • Staff and Faculty: Unlimited


  • Undergraduate: 5
  • Graduate and Staff: 3
  • Faculty 1-year book loans, unlimited renewals.
  • Browsing books, Playaways, or books that have a hold or recall are not renewable.

Overdue Fines

  • Books: $.50/day
  • Reserves: $1.00/hour
  • Browsing books, Interlibrary Loan materials, and Recalls: $1.00/day
  • Faculty are only responsible for fines for Browsing Books, Interlibrary Loan materials, and Recalls.


A recall may be requested if an item is needed by another borrower. The loan period will be reduced and a notice sent to the original borrower requiring that the item be returned by the new due date. Fees will accrue past the new due date at the rate listed above.


Bound Periodical Loan Periods

  • Graduate Students, Staff, & Faculty: 7 days
  • Undergraduate Students: in-library use only


  • No Renewals

Overdue fines

  • $.50/day, execept for Faculty


Media Loan Periods

  • Regular
    • Faculty: 7 days
    • Students and Staff: 3 days
  • Reserve
    • Students, Staff, and Faculty: 4 hours in-library use only
  • Limited Access
    • Faculty: 7 days
    • Students and Staff: 4 hours in-library use only

Maximum Number of Media Items

  • Reserve: 1
  • Faculty: Unlimited
  • Students and Staff: 3


  • 1 renewal

Overdue Fines

  • Media: $5.00/day
  • Reserve: $1.00/hour

Lost Items

If library materials are not returned, the following lost item charges will apply:

  • Books and Periodicals: $90
    • $15.00 maximum overdue fines
    • $25.00 processing fee
    • $50.00 lost replacement
  • Media: $85
    • $30.00 maximum overdue fines
    • $25.00 processing fee
    • $30.00 lost replacement
  • Media Limited Access: $250
    • $30.00 maximum overdue fines
    • $25.00 processing fee
    • $195.00 lost replacement

Circulation Blocks

A suspension of library circulation privileges will occur, if any of these situations apply to your account:

  • 5 or more overdue items
  • 1 overdue recall
  • $20.00 or more in fines/fees
  • Expired, lost, or stolen SMU ID card

Report your lost or stolen SMU ID Cards to the library and the Park & Pony Office.

Checking Out Materials

You must present your SMU ID card at the Circulation Desk to check out materials. It is your responsibility to:

  • Know the due date for when material is to be returned.
  • Return or renew material before the due date.
  • Exercise care in the handling of library materials.

Reviewing Your Library Account

Use the Library Catalog's
"My Account" feature to review what materials you have checked out, renew materials, and any overdue fines.

Accessing Course Reserve Materials

Your professor may place readings or videos on Course Reserve for your class. To search for your class, go to the Library Catalog and click on "Course Reserves." Staff can assist you in checking out physical Course Reserves stored at the Circulation Desk. Electronic Reserves (e-Reserves) readings can be downloaded and read directly online from the Library Catalog.

Circulation Questions?

Please ask us if you have any questions concerning your library account, how to renew, or other circulation questions.

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