Believe it: Offbeat objects from special collections

Believe it or not, this 32-inch TI-001 Disk "Platter," ca. 1972 (below), contains only 100 megabytes of storage capacity, meager by today's standards but among the most robust options of its day. The platter and other components of the then state-ofthe- art Texas Instruments Advanced Scientific Computer (ASC) were among the weird and wonderful treasures borrowed from Central University Libraries' diverse collections for the exhibit "SMU, Believe It or Not?" The exhibit in Fondren Library Center ran June 25 through September 10.

Among the 25 items in the exhibition were souvenir playing cards (below left) distributed to train passengers (DeGolyer Library, Ephemera Collection); and pencils used to promote Dallas and Texas businesses (DeGolyer Library, Advertising Pencil Collection).

Believe It or Not Exhibit