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Laura Bush's love for the written word is reflected in quotes from the Bible, poets, and philosophers engraved on limestone benches outlining the promenade. Former President George Bush and his wife, Barbara, gave a bench dedicated to their daughter-in-law and their daughter who died of leukemia at age three. It says: "In honor of our Laura and in memory of our Robin."
At the dedication Laura Bush said she was grateful for longtime college friends, seven of whom donated funds to the Fondren Library Center and Laura Bush Promenade in their friend's honor. Five benches on the promenade are inscribed with their names and favorite quotations, including one from Abraham Lincoln that states, "The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."
"One of the most important elements of my SMU experience was the friends I made," Laura Bush says, "and they are my close friends to this day."

Landscaped plazas and engraved limestone benches outside Fondren Library Center were funded by the class of 1999 and the Friends of the SMU Libraries. A drive is under way to raise funds for a plaza honoring SMU faculty.

Class of 1999, Friends leave their mark with plazas

Members of the Friends of the SMU Libraries and the class of 1999 left their mark at SMU with landscaped plazas leading to the entrance of Fondren Library Center.
The plaza closest to the library entrance was provided by the Friends of the SMU Libraries. The Friends' gifts and pledges supporting the project exceeded the goal of $30,000 in less than a year.
Located closest to the Main Quad is the Class of 1999 Plaza, which includes four limestone benches near a large limestone planter. Personalized bricks surround the planter inscribed with the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes: "You never leave a place you love; part of it you take with you, leaving part of yourself behind."
For more information about the plazas, call Tricia Barnett, Office of Development, at 214-768-2691.

Library plaza honors faculty

At the dedication of Fondren Library Center in November 1998, Associate Professor of Economics Tom Fomby admired the landscaped plazas leading to the library sponsored by the Friends of the SMU Libraries and the class of 1999. What better place to honor faculty, the current Faculty Senate president thought, than at the entrance to the library?
Following his initiative, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution in December 1998 to sponsor a $30,000 fund drive to name the middle bench plaza at the west entrance of Fondren Library Center in honor of past, present, and future faculty members. Faculty members may be honored with an engraved brick for $250 each, a larger brick paver for $500, or an inscribed limestone bench with a plaque for $5,000.
Because construction and maintenance endowment requirements for Fondren Library Center have been met, funds raised for the Faculty Plaza will go toward the SMU Faculty Library Endowment Fund, which supports library acquisitions.
"This brings to the campus a much-needed symbol of the faculty that recognizes the important role they play in the life of the University," Fomby says. "The opportunity to honor faculty will bring about a bonding no one has thought about before. Given its location between the Class of 1999 and the Friends of the SMU Libraries Plazas, the addition of the Faculty Plaza represents a bonding among students, faculty, and friends of the library in common support of the Central University Libraries and the life of the mind."
Former students, alumni, colleagues, friends, or family may honor faculty members. Any current or past, benefits-eligible, full-time professor, administrator, lecturer, or artist who has taught at least one semester at SMU is eligible for recognition. Adjunct professors who have served the University at least 10 years and are nominated by two full-time faculty members are eligible for recognition as well. Future faculty and their students and friends will have an opportunity to participate with a yearly installation of new bricks and pavers until the plaza is complete.
Current faculty and members of the Retired Faculty Association are leading the fund drive for the plaza. Committee members include Ed Biehl, chair of chemistry; Barbara Brinson, associate professor of music education; Alan Brown, chair of psychology; Bill Babcock, professor of church history; Maggie Dunham, associate professor of computer science and engineering; Tom Fomby, associate professor of economics; Jim Hopkins, professor of history; David Johnson, professor of mechanical engineering; Carter Murphy, chair of the Retired Faculty Association; Paul Rogers, professor of law; and Marion Sobol, professor of information systems and operations management.
For more information, call Tricia Barnett, Office of Development, at 214-768-2691.

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