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Are You Close Enough?

Untitled by Medellin

Untitled (Hummingbird)

Octavio Medellin

Bywaters Special Collections at Hamon Arts Library hold a collection of artifacts donated by Octavio Medellin, a prominent artist who spent a great deal of time in the DFW area. The artifacts selected for the Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color After the Renaissance exhibition that represent this work include a linocut print and the linoleum blocks used to make it.

The first set of questions on the ARHS 3364 looking assignment pertains specifically to this piece. A display case in the Post Chiaroscuro exhibition contains the matrices used to make this print.

Those using this website to view the meta-exhibition virtually can follow along using the images provided; click on an image to enlarge it.

Listen to the class discuss this work:

Looking Assignment

Question 1a: Which of the three main types of printing did Octavio Medellin use?


(First Response): Octavio Medellin's Untitled is an example of relief printing that uses six linoleum matrices to create one impression. The matrices contain traces of the ink that was used to create its corresponding color on the impression.
Belem Perez De La Fue, Class of 2015

(Second Response): Octavio Medellin used relief printing, more specifically linocut, to produce Untitled. Identifiable characteristics of relief printing on the impression include the ink squash along the borders and the embossing. While many relief prints utilize a single matrix, the impression was created with multiple linoleum matrices, displayed in the case, to print different colors on the impression in a specific order.
Caroline Aston, Class of 2014

Question 1b: Match the colors you see on the impression with the matrices (A-F) used to make this print.

Matrix A produced the red-orange that appears on the wings and foot
Matrix B produced the red on the head, body, and tail.
Matrix C produced the blue background that surrounds the hummingbird.
Matrix D produced the green on the top of the head and the form that hangs from the neck.
Matrix E produced yellow, which appears on the top of the head, around the neck, and on the arm.
Matrix F produced the black outlines of the composition.
Michael Deleon, class of 2015

The City of Dallas is working to preserve another significant work of Octavio Medellin: the stained-glass windows of Trinity Lutheran Church in Dallas. The church itself is being torn down, but they city intends to safely remove and preserve the windows. SMU's Central University Libraries Digital Collections contain images from when the church was built and the windows were installed. Bywaters Special Collections at the Hamon Arts Library also holds Medellin's original drawings for the windows.


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