HEADING 1 (Arial 16 Bold, All Caps, Centered)

Heading 2 (Arial 14 Bold)

Heading 3 (Arial 12 Bold)

Heading 4 (Times New Roman 12 Bold)

Normal (Times New Roman 12) Use for the body of the text.



       Do not insert Headers or Footers in your document, use endnotes instead.

       Avoid use of colored text.

       Avoid fancy text boxes, borders, and non-standard bullets or spacing.

       If your document requires columns, use tables instead of tabs or columns.

       If your document requires a box around a paragraph, use a table.

       Do not use extensive underlining or all caps in the text.

       Use an underscore to represent an undefined value in a MARC tag.

       Use the vertical dashes (|) to represent a delimiter. (Shift \)

       When referring to individuals, use job titles rather than personal names if possible.


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