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This document covers procedures for correctly formatting the call number in the appropriate records of the cataloging module (Holdings and Item records).  The focus is Library of Congress and Dewey call numbers. Accurate formatting enables


            ·  correct indexing within the database, and

            ·  correct labeling of the item for shelf access.


This document covers only those aspects of the Holdings and Item record that are related to the construction of the call number.  This document does not cover other coding and fields of the Holdings or Item record.

Definition of the call number

The Library of Congress and Dewey classification schemes begin with a combination of letters and numbers (LC) or numbers (Dewey) that represent the subject content of the item. Following the subject classification portion, a combination of letters/numbers/dates, etc. is added to form a call number that uniquely identifies the bibliographic item.  Each section of a call number appears in a specific field and record of the Voyager system of records (Holdings and Item records). See the Glossary for complete definitions of call number, classification number, Cutter number, book number and work letter.

Holdings record

852 subfield k          Call number prefix/prefix  [oversize designation use]

Add appropriate oversize designation in subfield k as needed. This is based on the size recorded in subfield |c of the 300 field in the bibliographic record in conjunction with the oversize directions found in the Voyager Location Codes chart.


            852 0_ |b fond |k q |h G1201.P3 |i R3 1971

852 subfield h          Classification part

Enter the classification portion of the call number in subfield h of the Holdings record.


            852 0_ |b sci |h QA99 |i .B17 2000

            852 1_ |b fond |h 819 |i M692g 1964


Both Library of Congress and Dewey classification numbers may include decimal subdivisions. There is no space between the whole number and the decimal portion. Enter the entire number in subfield h.


            852 0_ |b ham |h N2264.9 |i .A6413 1982      

            852 1_ |b sci |h 540.3 |i C745 1950


A Library of Congress classification number may include a subject Cutter. The subject Cutter is entered in subfield h following the classification number with no intervening space. 


            852 0_ |b fond |h PS2123.A53 |i R6 1932



852 subfield i           Item part

Enter the remaining elements of the call number in subfield i. The elements may include Cutter numbers, dates, captions, enumeration, and any other text necessary to uniquely identify the bibliographic item.


Separate each element with a space.


            852 0_ |b sci |h QE523.P56 |i F57 1996

852 0_ |b sci |h QE99 |i .A35 no. 5 1964

852 0_ |b fond |h CD1057 |i 1964

            852 1_ |b fond |h 823 |i A441w 1599r


Call numbers that include a caption with a number are separated by a space.


            852 0_ |b sci |h QA3 |i .L28 no. 298-299

            852 0_ |b ham |h MT1 |i .C85 v. 3


Note: For a single analytic the entire call number is recorded in the 852 field of the Holdings record and enumeration and/or chronology are included. This differs from bibliographic and holdings records for multipart titles that require using the item record to complete the call number for each part. See Item record below.


Entry options

Call number data may be entered in subfields h and i by typing the call number in the subfields; using the "Get call number from bib record" function; or, copying and pasting from the bib record.  Correct the subfield codes when using the copy and paste function.  In all cases scan the call number to insure that the desired number is transferred/formatted correctly.

Item record

The call numbers for multipart items require the use of the "enum" field in the Item record to create a unique call number for each physical part in the multi-part group described by the bibliographic record. The information used in the Item record's "enum" field is based on holdings data in the 866, 867, or 868 fields of the Holdings record. When an Item record is created the call number from the Holdings record is displayed in the upper right portion of the screen.  Enter identifying numbers or text in the "enum" field of the item record to create a complete call number that uniquely identifies the individual part of the multipart item. Separate each element with a space.


            Title:                 History of Sir Charles Grandison

            Holdings:          852 0_ |b  fond |h PR3664 |i .H5 1972

                                    866 41 |a pt.1-pt.3

            Item/enum:        pt. 2


Title:                 Illustrated Bartsch

            Holdings:          852 0_ |b ham,ref |h NE90 |i .B213

                                    867 41 |a v.40:commentary:pt.1 *

            Item/enum:        v. 40 comment. pt. 1  *


                        * note differences in spacing and abbreviations


Title:                 McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science & technology.

            Holdings:          852 0_ |b flc,ref |h Q121 |i .M3 1997

                                    866 41 |a v.1-v.20

                                    867 41 |a Activity guide

            Item/enum:        Activity Guide





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