1xx  main entry (personal, corporate and conference names)




Chief source:  Voyager or OCLC authority file.


The 1xx is the established form of name for the person (100), corporate body (110) or conference (111) to whom authorship is attributed.  The name generally appears in the statement of responsibility (245 |c).  However, in older cataloging copy the name is usually omitted from this field.




1st indicator will vary according to the type of name in the field.

2nd indicator will vary according to the version of MARC rules in force at the time the item was cataloged.  In 1994 all second indicator values were dropped, making the position blank.  Use the F2 key in Voyager, or refer to the OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards manual if you have questions regarding the accuracy of indicator values.




Accept the choice and form of entry found in the bib record.  The form in the 1xx may be different from the form in the 245 |c.  Do not make any changes to the 1xx other than correction of typographical errors.  Ensure it is an error and not a variant spelling of the name before editing.  Do this by searching the Voyager Authority File, or OCLC Authority File if the name is not in the Voyager file.





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