processing materials Received on APPROVAL plans


1. Checking the Shipment

2. Creating the Purchase Order (with defaults)

3. Receiving the Items

4. Receiving on Approval with Simultaneous Invoice Creation




Step 1

Checking the Shipment


        The original invoice and one copy are needed for CIP processing. Make a copy of the invoice if the vendor does not supply it. Recycle extra copies.

o       For books, insert invoice and copy in the first book on the invoice listing; place the book on its spine to help determine the beginning of each shipment.

o       For music scores, leave the invoice and copy on top of the stacked scores.

o       For audio-visual materials, attach the invoice and copy to the first item on the invoice listing with a rubber band.

o       For each book, unfold and place the top of the order slip form about 2 inches above the top of the book.

o       For music scores, vendor cards instead of slips are used. Leave them inside the music scores. Make sure they do not fall out while handling them.

o       For audio-visual materials, there are no slips or cards.


Step 2

Creating the Purchase Order (with defaults)



Vendor Section


        Select Code: type in the appropriate Vendor Code.

        Select Account: choose the appropriate Account.


After all pertinent information is provided click Save.



Adding Line Items


Refer to: Documentation on searching OCLC to find bibliographic records to be imported.


A. Add Line (Bib Import)



B. Add Line (Bib Search)


(If the line item is an add copy, add volume or backfile, and the bibliographic record is already in Voyager)


C. Add Line (Template)


(If no bibliographic record is found in OCLC)



Completing the PO:



Step 3

Receiving the Items



Step 4

Receiving on Approval with Simultaneous Invoice Creation


If the PO has all the line items in the same order as the vendor's invoice and all dollar amounts match, receive all items in one step and create the Voyager invoice:


o       When the PO is complete and correct click Approve.

o       Select Check for duplicates and Receive on Approve. Leave Print Purchase Order unselected (no need to have a printed PO for approvals).

o       Click Yes.

o       The PO will be approved and all items received in one step.

o       Refer to Invoice Creation documentation create the invoice.




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