Entering orders exported from oclc select



Requisitions Team members use this procedure to export orders from OCLC Select and  create Purchase Orders for selected titles.



Step 1

Exporting orders from OCLC Select


Step 2

Importing orders to Voyager
















Step 3

Adding Information to the Purchase Order










RUSH Orders

Follow the same procedures as above with the following exceptions:






Orders for Replacements—Books




A.  Open the bib record and make sure it is an exact match.  If it is an exact match, check to see if the bib record has been suppressed.  If it has been suppressed, unsuppress the bib record only.  Create a new MFHD for the replacement title being ordered:








B.  Import the record into Voyager and treat it as any other order, however, pay close attention to the fund provided in the 939 information.




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